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Fixing and maintaining PCS 7 8 10 are fairly easy today.
A few FREE tools to use

#1 in PC toolbox GLARY
Download, install and RUN that program from center tab 1-click, Scan for issues. 1st run will take a bit, uncheck disc repair, all others should be checked, scanned.
Firefox, go to open menu, 3 lines upper RH corner, select OPTIONS>PRIVACY SECURITY, select CLEAR NOW 1/2 way down page. Consider deleting the next area below, re data saved, this is where some tracking hides. It will mean you have to re log into all sites again, be sure to inspect saved Passwords before deleting the second lower category (CLEAR ALL DATA). That clear all is a big help but the button above will suffice (CLEAR NOW)

That will save a TON of time for Glary to inspect your files and such for deletion, cached pages from years of collection un-deleted.

Once Glary is installed and scanning have a look at the page Glary gives for additional software in case there's anything fun there for free for ya.

We want to download and install DRIVERBOOSTER5
An amazingly great and free tool will update ALL drivers, so good. DRIVER BOOSTER
FREE Version is all we need.

Drivers will update as you click thru, SCAN,UPDATE ALL

Driver Booster offers anti malware and other protections free to install as well. I generally use Glary as described and Driver Booster as described. You may find some features overlap or may prefer one style over another. The anti malware feature of Driver Booster may interest users.

Once the Glary Scan has completed re run till no errors show up, and once the machine can be idle for a few to several minutes, click the advanced tools tab>Optimize & Improve and select defrag
Defrag your drive/s and let the defrag achieve its run thru while the machine is not in use. Takes 10 mins 20 mins maybe 1st run, and a lot less after that

Those tools have just saved you $200 of Computer Tech costs at the local computer store
Those 3 tools, Glary Utility, Driver Booster and Defrag will make a significant difference in amchine operation, temperature and efficiency. Ya'll will eb amazed.

For the tracking issues inherent to Windows 10 and to a lesser degree W8 8.1 and 7 we have Spybot anti Beacon

While Windows allows us some choices, w10 is horrible for tracking and resetting TO TRACK, so anti Beacon assists us and you can see how and what is sued for TELEMETRY, aka tracking. ANTI-BEACON

Its reall that simple and anyone can clean and maintain todays PCs for free w/very little clicking.

God Mode is another feature you may like. God Mode allows us access to every setting at a single click

Works for all Windows Operating Systems (OS)

Make sure your system account has administrative privileges
Right-click on the Windows 10 desktop and choose New > Folder
Name the folder: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and hit enter/return to make it stick

Now the folder should be blue, unusual icon and when clicked, you have access to every setting in your Computer

Enjoy your fresh PC, run cache deletes weekly or daily as you like, Glary weekly or daily , Driver Booster Monthly, defrag weekly if not every night hit defrag after clear cache and select Shut Down PC and let it do its thing will you brush your teeth.