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ACLU's Communist Connection

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ACLU's Communist Connection

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ACLU, Communism, Declassified Docs, FBI Docs

+ ARTICLE IN PDF: ... er2011_pdf
+ ARTICLE SOURCE URL: ... -heritage/

-- Some were members of America's Communist Party
-- Some were active in pro-Stalin 'fronts'
-- Corresponded with Soviet Union (on ACLU stationery)
-- Admired Stalin (even his acts of genocide)
-- Visited the Soviet Union
-- Wanted to Undermine the Capitalist Profit Motive
-- Wrote books, monographs praising Soviet Union
-- Opposed American Democracy (one under oath before Congress)
-- Had a "Soviet Union Day" with hopeful organizers eager to defend the Soviet Union
-- American Communist Party was under Moscow's direct control until 1989
-- ACLU's sanitized 'official history' (is fragmented due to missing chunks of the real narrative)
-- US Gov't was aware of radicals who were American communists devoted to the overthrow of the US Gov't & Replace it with a 'Soviet-American-Republic'

-- ACLU Letters to American Communist Party & Stalin's Soviet Union
-- FBI Files
-- Soviet Comintern Archives (Declassified letters & docs)
-- KGB defector Vasili Mitrokhin

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