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Death Threat to Carter Page: Parallels Schiff comment

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Death Threat to Carter Page: Parallels Schiff comment

Post by JLS1125 » Apr 12th, '19, 00:51

Carter Page v. DNC, Perkins-Coie, Elias, Sussman, et al
~ Well-written legal docs by Carter Page & his legal team.
~ Includes documentation of a disturbing death threat to Carter Page.

Special Note:
In Doc31, (pages 5-6) is a note from Page to Wray about the death threat.
~ Death threat shares similarities to a comment previously made by Adam Schiff.
~ Similarities show parallels in speaking-style, content, & specifics.
~ This death threat allegedly seems to be made by either Schiff or someone in his camp.

DEATH THREAT EXCERPT (just the critical text):
DOCUMENT 31: 2 of the 8 pages (image files with added color markings) ... ox-a5a_jpg ... ox-a6a_jpg


LIST OF CARTER PAGE LEGAL DOCUMENTS (that were accessible without a charge):

(1) Carter Page FISA (FOIA Release, Redacted) - 412 pgs: ... 412pgs_pdf

(2) LEGAL DOCS (only the ones available to the public/free of charge): ... -37pgs_pdf ... E-3pgs_pdf ... -46pgs_pdf ... -13pgs_pdf ... E-2pgs_pdf ... E-5pgs_pdf ... E-5pgs_pdf ... HE-1pg_pdf ... E-8pgs_pdf ... -11pgs_pdf ... -13pgs_pdf ... -11pgs_pdf ... -13pgs_pdf


If preferred, Doc31 (8-pages) can also be viewed in the following 8 image files: ... x-1of8_jpg ... x-2of8_jpg ... x-3of8_jpg ... x-4of8_jpg ... x-5of8_jpg ... x-6of8_jpg ... x-7of8_jpg ... x-8of8_jpg

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