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Tariffs Tariffs Tariffs

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Tariffs Tariffs Tariffs

Post by StormAnon » Jun 12th, '18, 15:31

The US has long imposed illegal Tariffs on Softwood lumber, just one example of the duplicitous nature of the US admin. ... 19018.html

Canada has cows, does not want nor need cheap surplus US cheeze flooding into Canada bankrupting Canadian Dairy Industry.
Canada places 270% tariff on imported Dairy in order to equalize the martket.

The US is not being honest or fair where this Trade War is concerned. ... er-report/

This is one example of how Trump bullies other Countries, uses the media and the ill informed US public to sway a narrative and beat the drums of War.
US Picked the fight w/Canada.
Despite Justins 'work' Canada requires Canadian Farmers stay in the black, putting dinner on their tables.
Canada FIRST.

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