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Dr Andreas Kalcker

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Andreas Kalcker stopped by to speak w/us at Character Driven

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... as+kalcker

Cancer and almost every illness can be easily Healed using Sodium Chlorite

http://raccoonmedicine.com/wp/2011/10/0 ... ification/
http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/m ... tment.html

while the name is incorrect, Master Mineral Solution is used as above for many conditions, is FDA approved for Food and Water purification and is Patented for HIV and ALS as a medicine

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Q on CURES #747

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▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/12/18 (Mon) 12:15:20 4bcc84 No.354139>

Our attack on big pharma came w/ a warning letter today.

Message received.

Response forthcoming.

This Post by Q is in response to white powder mailed to Mr&Mrs Don jr and should not be construed as a CURES are coming from big HARMA

The evidences are available online. Sodium Chlorite and whatever the illness is in a search bar, also mmstestimonials.is g2cforum.org cdautism.org.

SC is not a drug, it is a mineral salt. In recent years the corrup FDA has made anything that effects health or affects health as a drug, this includes all the previous non patent-able items like plants, minerals etc and under the new laws, a glass of water is a drug if it is given to one suffering dehydration. My bud Daniel is in prison right now for helping others heal standbydaniel.com If you're looking for the zillion dollars side by side blind tests etc, you won't find them and we're not doing them. Those tests are falsified by drug co's and are a way to keep us little folk out of the Health Industry.

Good names you can research on topic are Dr Andreas Kalcker, Kerri Rivera, Jim Humble though there's TONs of info trying to discredit Jim. I've worked with Jim. Kerri has 375 revered of Autism, Jim has 100K Malaria to his name alone. Jim worked for NASA and maybe Texas Instruments, I forget now. On the topic of Jim, he wrote many books, one other of interest is zero fusion atomic alchemy where he shows how to extract radiation from (sea) water.

SC is an oxidant and those who fear SC try and say oh Oxidative stress Oh the oxidative stress...but SC>CLO2 when hits stomach acid or acid of illness has a voltage potential of .95V, Oxygen and body voltage 1.25 V Hydrogen peroxide 1.8V and Ozone 2.03. The higher than body voltage can cause oxidative stress where as the .95 below body voltage can not. In fact SC>CLO2 selects pathogens and toxins below body voltage, below 7PH and therefore does not disrupt intestinal flora leaving immune system intact. There is no nutrition in SC it ONLY clears pathogens.

If you bought stabilized oxygen for camping to clear puddle/swamp/river water what you had was a 3% solution. SC or MMS as Jim likes to call it is 22.4%. It was Stabilized Oxygen in 1996 in S America that Jim used for his guides w/Malaria that opened the door to what we know now.

SC has been used in 911 for anthrax, US Mil uses for ebola, is patented at 2ppm for HIV and ALS. Is FDA approved for water purification and food production.

SC has the potential to bring down the entire Harmaceutical fraud and why they are after us. The Sylvi Fink case is a fraud, Brian Ross involved in hit piece on Daniel and team and post release Daniel has additional info that the corrupt obama judge would not let him have a defense which is against the rule of law

Some are off CONUS, some in prison, some in hiding...wikipedia is also compromised and has been since at least 2012, so ignore that BS, we tried a zillion times to correct the record...and its changed back to the bull that it is within 15 mins. We gave up trying to share truth thru Wikipedia in 2012. W

Corrupt red cross in 2012. Search Red Cross Malaria on youtube for our and other docs on this where 154/154 confirmed cases of Malaria were eliminated in less than 48 hours. Later when Red X did not release their tapes/info and denied they had ever worked with us, then we knew Red X was corrupt and now today we learn the Red X is corrupt.

So to tackle the fraud bit, SC>CLO2 is not bleach as wiki and others would have you believe. Bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite and is a bonding agent chemical. It bonds with the biology and creates a carcinogen. SC CLO2 however is a gas that literally pulls electrons from the molecule shell collapsing the pathogen into the waste tracks and eliminated.

The fix for Malaria 5 cents, the fix for Cancer as little as $5 2-3 weeks depends on type and extent.

One key Kerri and husband came up with is the sea water. Their facility was in Mexico before Kerri left for Eu 2014. While in Mexico it was discovered that sea water 1:3 fresh water has all the minerals a body needs that are correct minerals not the junk vitamins/minerals you buy at store which are often harmful...

treatment, very simple. Add 3-5 drops SC to a half glass of water before meals and bed. No coffee coconut water or anti oxidants. But do not start at 3-5. To start put 1 drop of SC in a plastic glass or clay container and drink from it during the day. Next day 2 drops and build up.

Everywhere you will read to use acid. Citric acid creates citrates that make people react, don't use citric unless absolutely necessary. The better/best is HCL4% but again, don't use it for oral dosing. You won't find the protocol listed above on web for reasons mentioned prior. It is however the protocol that is the base of the tweaked Kerri method which was a tweaked Kalcker method.

No deaths from SC. Can't say that about any of the synthetic drugs pushed on us today.

Do your own investigative searching. In short SC/CLO2 is Grade 3 Science and anyone who can add 3 -5 drops to a glass of water can heal almost any disease or illness. MS does not respond much. The simple addition of this FDA approved water purification salt can change the course of mankind and eliminate disease as we know it today for both man and animal.

In doubling lifespan info, C60/buckyballs, ORMES/ORMUS, monoatomics ir gold is another that assist the tellemeres. For those with little $, simple activated charcoal does amazing things as well.

DIG in and find your own conclusions.

To your Health and Well Being!

https://www.keavyscorner.com/CD-Kit-w-H ... it-h4h.htm

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Heal/th(y) self using Sodium Chlorite

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Sodium chlorite is presently being promoted as a miracle mineral supplement or MMS with superior antimicrobial activity. You can appreciate its power from a statement by the discoverer of this remedy that all 75,000 individuals with malaria that have been treated were cured within a day, with 98% being cured within 4 hours (1).This obviously has great ramifications not only for self-healing but also for the drug industry and medicine.

Conventional Use of Sodium Chlorite

Acidified sodium chlorite is being used in many countries, including Australia and the USA, as an antimicrobial treatment in the food industry, for water purification, and for sterilizing hospital and clinic rooms and equipment. In hospitals it has been used as a disinfectant for a hundred years and in the US meat industry for about 50 years. Health-conscious countries and municipalities are increasingly replacing the health-damaging chlorine for the harmless chlorine dioxide in treating public water supplies (2).

In solution sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is very alkaline and stable but when acidified it forms the gas chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which smells the same as chlorine and probably is the strongest all-round antimicrobial and parasite remedy. While it destroys all anaerobic microbes and parasites, it does not damage the beneficial lactobacteria of out intestinal flora. The only residue left in water, food, or in the body after treatment with MMS is a small amount of table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl).

In 2003 the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code was changed to permit the use of sodium chlorite acidified with citric acid or other food acids for antimicrobial surface treatment of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables (3). The time between mixing and application is less than 5 minutes, and chlorine dioxide levels do not exceed 3 ppm. The safety assessment report concluded that if properly used no residues would be detected in the raw foods following treatment and prior to sale, and therefore there would be no toxicological concerns.

In solid form sodium chlorite is unstable and commonly mixed with about 20% sodium chloride. Commercially it is produced and shipped in Australia as a 31% solution in water. For end users in the food and agricultural industries it is available as a 5% solution called Vibrex. In the US and the UK it is also available as tablets that release chlorine dioxide (e.g. releasing 4 ppm per1 liter or per 30 liter of water). In Germany and Italy chlorine dioxide is the main treatment chemical for public water supplies.

Curiously, stabilized sodium chlorite that does not generate chlorine dioxide has been patented for intravenous use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, hepatitis and lymph cancers. It supposedly prevents or reduces antigen activity and autoimmune responses (4).

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29 Reasons and why Veganism fails

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http://mmsnews.is/newsletter/175-29-rea ... 06-16-2013

29 reasons why MMS is not restoring your health (06-16-2013)

29 reasons why MMS is not restoring your health

We have people writing to us asking why they haven't had their "health restored" from a certain disease when they read testimonies from others that have the same disease with complete health restoration with testing done before and after finishing the protocols. Are these testimonies real? How can we make statements like, MMS restores health from 95% or more of the world's diseases, when some with the same diseases that have had their "health restored" are still struggling with their ailments?

These are legitimate questions and we want to address them in this newsletter.

First of all, everyone is like a petri dish, if you will, with each one dealing with it's own unique pathogens, circumstances and issues.

What does it mean to cure 95% of the world's diseases?

Well , no one knows exactly how many diseases there are on the earth. And more being found frequently. Are they all organic or biological, or inorganic such as, Morgellons disease?

We HAVE "restored health" to 95% of the known world's diseases. That statement means that of the KNOWN diseases of this world we've seen health completely restored. But it DOES NOT mean that 90-95% of the people that have taken MMS have seen their health restored!

The problem is not that MMS doesn't kill 95% or more of the world's pathogens, but that the person taking the protocols isn't doing something correctly, or there is another factor that is stopping their health from "being restored".

This is what I want to focus on in this newsletter. A lot of factors and variables have to be considered here.

Although, this is not an exhaustive list it is one that has come as a result of treating people around the globe.

We have to consider the following:

1. Are the Protocols being adhered to?

Probably the #1 reason why people aren't having complete success in "restoring their health".The MMS protocols were developed by trial and error.

In the beginning Jim Humble, did not know exactly how long activated MMS or Chlorine Dioxide lasted in the body. We now know that it can last up to 1 hour in the body. We understand that although a few doses during the day can kill pathogens, it is much more effective in ridding the body of pathogens if the dosing is CONSISTENTLY being taken every hour for 8-10 hours a day. That CONTINUED Hourly bombardment of Activated MMS or Chlorine Dioxide in the body against the pathogens can increase the results tremendously! The person has to be consistent and dedicated to their hourly dosing. We know that it isn't convenient when working or traveling, but with the development of the 1000 protocol in a daily bottle it is much easier. You can now prepare you whole day's dosing in a 1 liter or 1quart bottle and carry it with you the whole day. So, now it is a lot easier and more practical.

Note: You have to remember to keep it out of the sun so not to neutralize it's strength. A good idea is to set you phone's alarm to go off every hour as a reminder.


2. Dosing

The basic MMS protocol is 3 drops and hour for 8 hours. It is called Protocol 1000 and can be taken with MMS1, ( MMS activated), or CDS. Although this protocol done for 3 weeks “restores health” to most health issues, many times we have to “ramp up” the doses to have better and quicker results. This is especially true with Herpes, Diabetes, HIV and 4 th stage cancers. “Ramping up” is adding 1-2 drops an hour as soon as the body tolerates MMS well. By staying at the “standard” 3 drops an hour can take longer than 3 weeks, so the protocol 1000 for 3 weeks might not “restore health”. “Ramp up”!

3. Neutralization

Another reason why people aren't having success is they are neutralizing the doses. During the daily protocol, you have to eliminate things that will neutralize or weaken the solution such as: Vitamin C, Coffee, alcohol, chocolate, anti oxidants

c. too many things at once
d. recreational drugs

Note: If you are adding DMSO to your protocol, i.e. Protocol 1000+, you have to add the DMSO separately each hour by pouring out your hourly dose into a glass then add your DMSO, wait 3 minutes then drink.

Example: We had one guy come to us that had been taking MMS for 2 years without good results. I asked him what else he was ingesting during the day and he said, only 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C! Well, no wonder he didn’t have good results, he was neutralizing the doses.

Note: If you want to drink coffee or tea then do it for breakfast then wait an hour before you start your daily dosing. We have people taking Moringa 1-2 hours after the daily protocol because it contains 47 antioxidants and by the time they start the next day's protocols it is out of the body.

Important: Learn how to use the Chlorine Dioxide high range test strips and test all liquids used to see if the chlorine dioxide is being weakened or completely eliminated. It is crucial to keep the chlorine dioxide working at it's optimum potential consistently. It is best taken with distilled water, especially with the taste factor almost eliminated with CDS or the activation of MMS with 5% HCL,(hydrochloric acid). HCL is produced by the body and is used in the stomach.

4. Potency of doses (STRENGTH)

There are two things I want to mention here. First of all, is the MMS, CDS, DMSO, MMS2 the correct strength? If not, then you are not going to have the same results. The protocols are based on a certain concentration of strength such as, MMS is 22.4% solution, MMS 2 is 65-75%, DMSO can be found anywhere from 70-99%, The protocols using CDS were developed based on 3,000 ppm not 6,000, 12,000 etc! We've had people come to us and test the potency of there MMS solution and it was 10-15% which is weak with some samples not even activating! So, make sure you get your products from people we recommend because we've tested them already.

We are NOT saying that all sellers are selling weak products, but we can only recommend those we know are producing their products correctly. So, be careful what you are buying because you want the correct potency. It is your health you are trying to restore and not theirs!

Note: Strong CDS such as 6,000 ppm and up can be explosive! It is not necessary to have CDS any stronger than 3,000 ppm, so don't buy it with a higher ppm. It will not "restore your health" any faster anyways! The hourly dosing once diluted is around 50 ppm. You can ingest it up to 100 ppm without discomfort, but when you go higher then it irritates the throat and mucus membranes and can be uncomfortable.

“If you start out with the wrong potency then you could end up with a different result or no result”.

5. Time (how long to take the Protocols)

The standard Protocol dosing time frame is 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, if your health isn't restored from whatever disease you are trying to eliminate from your body then just keep going until it is!

Especially with diseases such as Herpes, 4th stage cancers, debilitating diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Note: If someone has had a disease for a long time, then it will usually take longer to eradicate it from the body.

Keep going til you are successful!

6. Different reception of host

EVERYONE responds differently for a variety of reasons such as:

a. Parasitical infestations
b. Liver problems
c. Lung problems
d. Toxicity of the body, i.e. the body is full of toxins and needs detoxing. When one is in this condition, you have to go VERY slow.
e. Compromised immune system

Every body has different issues they are dealing, so the reception of chlorine dioxide in the body differs.

Note: Don't think everyone responds the same and adjust accordingly, i.e. reduce dosing as needed or ramp up if possible. While one person may be able to “ramp up” to as high as 10 drops an hour others struggle with 5 drops an hour. So, adjust accordingly, but DON'T STOP!

7. Multiple complications or diseases

We've had people come to us for “health restoration” with breast cancer, leukemia, diabetes all at the same time. Now, when dealing with multiple diseases one has to religiously take the protocols while “ramping up” and plan on doing the protocols for longer than 3 weeks, more like months to completely restore one's health.

Remember: the longer one has a disease or multiple diseases the longer it takes to eradicate it from the body.

8. Previous Therapies

We have had people come to us, “on their last leg” and have had multiple chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgeries which makes it hard to “restore health” due to weakened immune system, removed spleen and/or lymphatic system as well as the circulatory system cut and cauterized to hinder blood flow.

When a person is trying to “restore health” and has these situations to deal with he or she has to understand it might take much longer to detox the body from pathogens and “restore health”.

9. Diet

To build the immune system, one has to give the body the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The body assimilates these essential best in their natural state. Organic foods, no GMO's, no hormones, no preservatives or processed foods.

We recommend to build the immune system foods such as:

a. Raw milk
b. Raw butter
c. Raw cheese
d. Fresh organic beef liver, chicken liver and red meat with the fat esp. red meat.
e. Raw honey
f. Moringa leaf (high in antioxidants) Only to be used after daily protocols.
g. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing raw is great!

Note: If one is doing the protocols and follows an unhealthy diet then the results could be effected.

10. Parasitical infestations

We have started having people do a parasite cleanse and have seen better and faster results when the parasites are eliminated from the body. Everyone in this world has parasites they deal with in their lifetime but if the body's immune system is strong the they are kept in check. But, when one's body is infested with parasites it has to be dealt with to “restore health” completely.

Note: Everyone should do a parasite cleanse once or twice a year to keep the body cleansed especially, those working in areas where they live and breed i.e. working with animals, sewage and other such areas.

11. Stress on immune system, (weak or non existing).

Stress is a “killer” to the immune system if the body. Work, home, finances, relationships and just plain living in this world can cause a lot of stress if you let it. With a weakened immune system the body doesn't have it's internal pathogen killing ability to help “restore health”.

Note: Try to live a stress-free life as much as possible while trying to overcome any health issues.

12. Attitude (You need a gratitude attitude)!

Having a positive attitude when trying to heal the body is essential. Be grateful for life itself and the pleasures it brings.

Note: Try to keep negative people and situations away from one's self when trying to “restore health”.

13. Blood testing (false positives and out right errors i.e completely untrue)

a. Herpes

We have had people have a positive test for HPV and never have a breakout and have had people test negative and have had breakouts. Are these tests reliable? We spend more time asking people we are “restoring health” to, How do you feel? We want them to tell us the differences in their bodies if any and watch to see if they are gaining weight, sores healing, skin rashes and irritations gone and general sense of well being, being restored. Those things are positive indications of health being restored even if the tests don't agree.

Note: Many times it is months before people get the results they what and maybe never, but “How do they feel?”

b. Autoimmune deficiency

The test for HIV is a test looks for evidence of the presence of 47 auto-immune deficiencies. It has been proven that many pregnant women test positive for HIV when in reality they are later testing as negative. People that have had tetanus shots have also tested positive for HIV when later testing negative. This has also been known to occur for people that have had a yellow fever vaccine.

Note: Watch out for believing the HIV test!

14. Surgical destruction

It is difficult for the body to eliminate toxins form the body when the body's system that is in control of elimination such as these mentioned below are eliminated or damaged. Here are some key components of the body's immune system:

a. Cutting out immune system (Lymph-nodes)
c. Colon removed
d. Kidneys removed
e. Lung removed partially or completely
f. Brain surgery (removal of brain matter and veins cut and cauterized)
g. Spleen removed

Infections such as MRSA – Staph infections, are common results of surgeries worldwide and the present of this bacteria in the body hinders the restoration of health until it is eliminated.

15. Vaccines residue

Vaccines have been proven to cause many diseases such as Autism, paralysis, partial or complete, strokes, neurological disorders to name a few.

a. Heavy metals – Mercury, aluminum and others
b. Toxins – Formaldehyde, alcohol
c. Diseases – The creator of the polio vaccine admitted that up to 50 diseases such as cancers and diabetes were added to the vaccine for polio.

Note: If someone has had multiple vaccines the restoration of health can be hinder.

16. Non-biological agents

High amounts of Asbestos in the body can hinder health restoration esp. in the lungs.

Morgellons disease is a disease that puzzles many because there is worm-like strains coming out through the skin and eyes and when examined under a microscope names of pharmaceutical companies are seen! This is not a natural occurring disease.

Note: There may be many more non-biological pathogens in the world that we have to consider when trying to “restore health”.

17. Family pressure

Family and friends can really discourage one from taking the protocols correctly by being negative about what is being taken as well as doubting it will even work. Husband not supporting wives and vice versa cannot discourage one from continuing and therefore not achieving restoration of health.

Note: The support from family and friends when trying to restore one's health is very important and the lack thereof can reduce the results of the protocols.

18. Psychosomatic factors

Psychosomatic disorders are real to the person that has them but they don't really exist i.e. the person believes he or she has a diseases that really doesn't exist!

Psychosomatic illnesses exist and need to be considered when trying to “restore health”.

Note: if a person has been on the protocols for a while with no results at all, then this has to be considered, especially if the person has psychological problems.


We all know that our world is polluted to a certain extent evidenced by the pollution seen in the skies over the cities of world. We also have pollution in the following areas that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

a. Work place - chemicals and toxins used in the work place
b. Home chemicals – household chemicals and toxins used in the home
c. Environmental – radiation, microwaves, radium etc.
d. Chem trails – aluminum and barium sprayed throughout the world
e. Water supplies – sewage, chemicals and toxins in the water we drink, Example: Fluoride

Note: If one is trying to “restore health” and is constantly in contact with high amounts of toxins, the body's immune system is occupied in trying to deal with eliminating these toxins and healing is more difficult and maybe the “cause” of the disease they are trying to eliminate!

20. Permanent damage (accidental, birth defects or surgical)

All the body organs and systems need to be in good condition if the body is to work at it's optimum capacity and if there is permanent damage to one or more of the body's functions then the restoration of health is hindered or not possible. i.e. if someone is paralyzed because of spinal cord damage then the ability to move certain parts of the body may never be restored. If the following parts of the body are permanent damaged then it could be possible to restore function but many times it is not.

a. Brain damage
b. Nervous system
c. Circular system
d. Appendix, Spleen
e. Permanent damage through surgery
f. Liver
g. Heart
h. Digestive system, (stomach, intestines and colon).

Note: We have seen those that have been told they had permanent damage and seen it reversed! One only knows by following the protocols correctly, so try the protocols to see if your condition can be reversed and “health restored”.

21. Organ toxicity

If the organs of the body are very toxic then these organs have to be cleansed slowly which will take more time in “restoring health”. The following organs have to be slowly detoxed to eliminate poisoning the body by not being able to eliminate the toxins quickly enough due to lack of function.

a. Liver – (Sclerosis, liver cancer, hepatitis)
b. Kidney -(On dialysis, kidney stones, infection)
c. Gall bladder - (Gall stones, infection)
d. Colon – (Clogged colon, cancer)
e. Lungs - (Cigarette smoking is full of toxins and is counter productive when trying to restore health to the lungs, but possible)

Note: Although these are conditions that may hinder chlorine dioxide's effectiveness, we have overcome these conditions while “restoring health” to individuals. Remember every one responses differently, so do the protocols correctly and don't stop! These are things to consider if you aren't seeing good results. It might just take longer.

22. Fungi

MMS is very good at “restoring health” with the presence of fungi, but there are a few that it can't eliminate. If the fungus is throughout the body and is located in an area where you have other issues, such as, diabetes related infections in the legs and feet then the restoring of health maybe be slower.

Note: A good way to test if there is the presence of a fungus that MMS can't defeat, you can apply activated MMS Spray on the area and if it burns (as if on fire)then the fungus may not respond to treatments.

Solution: Mix Aztec Clay, (bentonite clay), with Vaseline or olive oil and apply on the infected area and wrap it for the night as you sleep. If the fungus is on the feet then apply the mixture to the infected areas, wrap with a plastic cellophane and put sock over it then go` to bed for the night. This works real well!

23. Re- infected

You can have your “health restored” completely by using the protocols and then be re-infected with the same disease. If a person has a sexually transmitted disease and his or her partner hasn't taken the protocols or hasn't completely “restored health”, then the disease can be passed back to the partner again.

Just because a person has completely “restored health” it doesn't mean that they can't re-infect themselves again. If one continues the lifestyle or the exposure to a certain disease again after they have had their “health restored” then reinfection can very well occur.

Note: To eliminate re-infection of a certain disease, a lifestyle change has to take place to eliminate continued exposure.

Example: If one has contracted cancer and works with a lot of radiation constantly then they will have to be really diligent in eliminating exposure or just change jobs.

Example: If a person has multiple sexual partners then there has to be diligence in protecting one's self or only have one partner to eliminate the risk of re-infection as long as the partner is free of the disease. If not wait until the person's health is restored. Condoms don't necessarily protect from sexual diseases.

Make sure you clean the areas where contact was made with the other person with MMS1 or CDS. Carry a spray bottle of MMS1 or CDS with you to cleanse yourself.

24. Lack of finances to continue

Even though the protocols we use are relatively inexpensive, there are some in this world that can't even afford that amount. If the product runs out then the protocol is stopped and health is not restored even though one feels much better and has been alleviated from the symptoms, but not the health issue completely.

Note: If you start the protocols make sure you can finish until health is restored. Solution: Usually family and friends will help if you let them know you might need some assistance. Try to plan for this ahead of time before one runs out of product.

25. Self deception

People can deceive themselves in thinking they are well when in fact they are still sick. Accept reality and take personal responsibility for your health and continue until all symptoms are gone no matter how long it takes.

Note: Even after one's health is restored, continue on the “maintenance doses” and maintain a good diet to keep the immune system strong.

Yes, again it might mean a lifestyle change!

26. Adjusting the doses

Even though it is mentioned above, it is important to mention just how to adjust the dosing. If a person is really sick then, you must go slow, i.e. if a person has 4th stage cancer in the liver or lungs then we start with 1 drop an hour. If there is any adverse reaction then we reduce the dose to ½ drop an hour. This applies to all so-called terminal diseases. After reducing stay at that dose until one feels better to go up. Increase the doses SLOWLY! Don't stop!

If a person is adding the DSMO hourly, i.e. protocol 1000+, and has a herxheimer reaction, then stop adding the DMSO for a day or so then try adding it again.

Note: Herxheimer Reaction or oxidative stress is when the body has so many toxins being put into the blood that the body can't eliminate them fast enough so there is flu-like symptoms, (aches and pains in the joints and muscles, fatigue). When this happens reduce the dosing, maybe even start over.

Same when taking the Protocol 2000 which is the addition of calcium Hypochlorite. If you add the MMS2,(Calcium Hypochlorite), and feel like you can't tolerate it then stop a few days then try again.

Note: We start the dosing of MMS2 with only a 1/16 of a “0” size capsule, 4 times a day during the protocol every 2 hours, taken on the half hour. One can also try by starting 1-2 capsules a day.

If at anytime the addition of DMSO or MMS2 or both becomes intolerable, then eliminate both of them and just do the Protocol 1000 for a few days. When resuming the protocol 1000+ or 2000 start slower.

Note: We have noticed that a person can do well with the protocol 1000 and ramp up to 20 ml of CDS a day without a problem but when DMSO is added they “hit the wall” so to speak and can't continue. Eliminate the DMSO for a few days and reduce to 10 ml of CDS a day when trying to add the DMSO. Same is true for the addition of MMS2.

The thing to learn here is, ADJUST, your dosing according to how you feel. Too much reaction then “reduce”. No reaction “ramp up”. It is not bad to start over with the minimum doses you started with if necessary.

Note: Very few people have had to stop completely when they have learned to “adjust” their dosing according to how their body response. Learn your body's reaction, adjust as necessary.

We want a comfortable healing. You don't want to get sicker, so whatever is causing discomfort reduce it or eliminate it.

Remember: Everyone response differently, so don't compare yourself to another person's experience you might have read about or talked to.

27. Trusting in the Medical and pharmaceutical system.

We have had coming to us people that are on meds because their doctor told them they would need them for the rest of their life. Example: Blood pressure, diabetes etc. We allow people to do whatever they want. It is their body and their responsibility. Some decide to discontinue their meds while others don't. Others choose to reduce the dependency slowly over time. It is up to each individual, but if they choose to continue taking their meds then the meds can be neutralized,(made ineffective), and the potency of the protocols could be weakened.

Note: The human body came complete with it's own disease fighting system and if working correctly then NO DRUGS are necessary to remain healthy.

28. High tension wires & Microwaves

It has been observed that people living near high tensions wires have had a higher rate of brain cancer and cancer in general. Living in an environment where there is a lot of high voltage or microwaves in the air could hinder health restoration.

Example: I read a few articles years ago about Americans working in the American embassy in Moscow during the cold war. There was a high rate of cancer among the embassy workers. Many thought the reason was because the Russians had high-powered microwaves pointed at the embassy constantly for surveillance or whatever their reason.

Note: If you are living in an area where there is direct exposure to high electricity or microwaves, you might consider relocating during the protocols to see if this is hindering your health restoration. It might even be the cause of your illness or illnesses!

29. Dirty Water

Here is one that should be obvious to all. We all need a clean water supply. Pathogens and contaminates need to be eliminated from the water we drink daily. Chlorine and fluoride are used worldwide in water supplies and can have devastating results. Clean your water supply with MMS1 if you have a water reservoir or use a filter to purify the water you drink. Do both!

Note: For the protocols we recommend distilled water or at least reverse osmosis and UV treated water. Distilled water is the best!

In conclusion, I have mentioned 29 reasons why MMS is not restoring your health, there might be more. If so, we will write about them as we become aware of them. Even though these reasons can effect the results of your health restoration, we have seen remarkable results worldwide when following the MMS Protocols or Sacraments of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Many times in spite of these reasons, complete “Health Restoration” has been accomplished!! And we are getting better at it all the time! I hope this information has helped.

Let's change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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Re: 29 Reasons and why Veganism fails

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Vegans/Vegetarians and Cancer

I think we finally found the answer why vegans and vegetarians have a hard time killing cancer in their bodies!
Note: I will refer to both groups as “Vegans” in this newsletter for the sake of space.
For the last few years we've been seeing people “restored to health” quickly with MMS and now MMS/CDS, but the “vegans” we deal with seem to really struggle when it comes to restoring their health when they are dealing with cancer. I've seen around 10 cases of “vegans” really having a hard time ridding themselves of cancerous tumors even if they are religiously taking MMS or MMS/CDS. Last week I was asked to go to Armenia, Colombia to help a woman with lung cancer that had metastasized into her spinal column, https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7s5rsljhbz52 ... timony.MOV, http://www.youtube.com/user/MMSforhispa ... ature=mhee I found out when I arrived to her house that she was a “vegan” and had been for over 15 years. She had taken the old MMS classic protocol 2000 about 4 months ago and had some success but had stopped due to an adverse reaction that discouraged her to continue. I believe I can show you why she had limited success.
Note: The adverse reaction was taking too much and not knowing to reduce or back down the doses to allow the body to eliminate toxins that MMS was putting into the blood.
Jim wrote a newsletter recently about “Vegetarianism and Veganism - Our Salvation or Our Hell?” I had wrote a previous newsletter about our success among the Colombian Indigenous people with MMS/CDS and the fact that when they started eating meat with the MMS/CDS protocols they were “being restored to health” at an amazing rate. It seems that most all of our readers liked the articles and the only real criticism we had was from a few on the “vegans”. I'm not saying that eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains are bad. We are just saying that it isn't enough, especially when trying to kill cancer cells within the body. You need all the help you can get from “every good source” of nutrition.

First let me mention, “the fact” that the human mouth is designed to eat all types of food. Fruit, vegetables and meats. Why would we have the kind of teeth we have if we are only supposed to eat vegetables, fruits and grains? Why do we have Canine teeth if they are not supposed to be used? Are we vampires? I'm not making a joke here!

I started to research where B-12 is found in the highest concentrations and yes it is red meat. B-12 is not found in vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. We need B-12. It is essential. Look how essential it is:

Vitamin B12, vitamin B12 or vitamin B-12, also called cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. It is one of the eight B vitamins. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Vitamin B12 consists of a class of chemically related compounds (vitamers), all of which have vitamin activity. It contains the biochemically rare element cobalt. A common synthetic form of the vitamin, cyanocobalamin, does not occur in nature, but is used in many pharmaceuticals and supplements, and as a food additive, because of its stability and lower cost. What is the cost of your health? In the body it is converted to the physiological forms, methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, leaving behind the cyanide, albeit in minimal concentration. But do you even want even a little cyanide in your body?
Why would you want to poison yourself anyways? More recently, hydroxocobalamin, methylcobalamin, and adenosylcobalamin can also be found in more expensive pharmacological products and food supplements.

So even though there are supplements, they are synthetically produced and leave cyanide behind, don't absorb as good as in the natural form they are found, esp B-12. Why would anyone wanting sooo bad to eat the right things, in other words ,”vegans and vegetarians”, resign themselves to eating synthetic vitamin supplements the rest of their life and not just eat foods that supply the essential vitamins in their natural form. The answer is, to just eat a complete well balanced diet which includes meat!!!!
Without B-12 in it's natural form the immune system won't be strong period.....

Sources of Vitamin B12

Food µg vitamin B12/100g
Panfried beef liver 83.1
Simmered turkey giblets 33.2
Braunschweiger pork liver sausage 20.1
Raw Pacific oysters 16.0
Cooked Alaska king crab 11.5
Raw clams 11.3
Simmered chicken giblets 9.4
Cheese 3.3
Beef (uncooked sirloin) 1.15
Egg (raw, whole chicken's egg) 0.89
Whole cow's milk 0.45
Raw chicken breast (see Salmonellosis) 0.20b

It's in chicken and eggs, but only in small quantities.
Note: When someone is dealing cancer, they need their immune system strong and working at top performance. The only way that will happen is eating high amounts of B-12. It is essential! Cheese is a good source. Chicken giblets are even higher in B-12, almost 3 times that of cheese. The giblets contain the heart, liver and gizzard, but not the white or dark meat. As you see the sea foods mentioned above are great but not as easy to acquire unless you live near the ocean. So it looks like a certain type of liver sausage and turkey giblets are very good also. But, the best source is one of the easiest and cheapest to find is BEEF LIVER!!
It's found in beef but 80 times more in beef liver! So, I guess it's better to say, “where's the BEEF LIVER” and not just “where's the beef”.
Wild carnivorous animals have a very strong immune system. In fact, in the wild they don't get cancer until they start eating the processed foods that humans eat. Guess what they eat first when they kill an animal, THE LIVER! How did they know that? Some call it nature. I call it God!
I'm tired of hearing people say, Well I don't want to kill anything with a face. Chickens and fish have faces. For all you Christian “vegans”, Jesus ate fish and cooked it!

John 21
King James Version (KJV)
9 “As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread.
10 Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.
11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.
12 Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. And none of the disciples durst ask him, Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord.”
13 Jesus then cometh, and taketh bread, and giveth them, and fish likewise.

Look what the Bible says about what will happen in the last days.
I Timothy 4
King James Version (KJV)
4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:
5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.
6 If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.
7 But refuse profane and old wives' fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.

The Old Testament priests were told to eat beef and other red meats as well. There is also instructions on how to kill the animal and cook it, see Leviticus 6 and Numbers 18.

Now, let me show you something really interesting I found out about vitamin B-9 or Folic Acid. First of all, let us look why it is needed in the body then in what foods it is found. I believe this is the answer to why the “vegans “ ar having a hard time with killing cancer in their bodies.

Folic acid (also known as folate, vitamin B9,vitamin Bc(or folacin), pteroyl-L-glutamic acid, pteroyl-L-glutamate, and pteroylmonoglutamic acid) are forms of the water-soluble vitamin B-9. Folic acid is itself not biologically active, but its biological importance is due to tetrahydrofolate and other derivatives after its conversion to dihydrofolic acid in the liver.
Vitamin B (folic acid and folate) is essentialto numerous bodily functions. The human body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA as well as to act as a co-factor in certain biological reactions. It is especially important in aiding rapid cell division and growth, such as in infancy and pregnancy. Children and adults both require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia. Low levels of folate can also lead to homocysteine accumulation.DNA synthesis and repair are impaired and this could lead to cancer development.
Many cancer cells have a high requirement for folic acid and overexpress the folic acid receptor. This finding has led to the development of anti-cancer drugs that target the folic acid receptor. Some investigations have proposed good levels of folic acid may be related to lower risk of esophageal, stomach, and ovarian cancers, but the benefits of folic acid against cancer may depend on when it is taken and on individual conditions. In addition, folic acid may not be helpful, and could even be damaging, in people already suffering from cancer or from a precancerous condition. Likewise, it has been suggested excess folate may promote tumor initiation. Folate has shown to play a dual role in cancer development; low folate intake protects against early carcinogenesis, and high folate intake promotes advanced carcinogenesis.

Certain foods are very high in folate:
Leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, turnip greens, lettuce and some Asian vegetables
Legumes such as dried or fresh beans, peas and lentils
Egg yolks.
Baker's yeast
Fortified grain products (pasta, cereal, bread); some breakfast cereals (ready-to-eat and others) are fortified with 25% to 100% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for folic acid
Sunflower seeds
Liver and liver products contain high amounts of folate
Moderate amounts:
Certain fruits (orange juice, canned pineapple juice, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, grapefruit juice, banana, raspberry, grapefruit and strawberry) and vegetables (beets, corn, tomato juice, vegetable juice, broccoli, brussels sprouts, romaine lettuce and bok choy), beer.
Now, did you notice the foods with the highest amount of B-9 as basically what “vegans” eat everyday. So, if a “vegan” already has cancer , and that is what we are talking about here, then their diet is actually feeding the cancer cells and not killing them. A “vegan” trying to kill cancer should not eat liver because it is very high in folic acid.
So, in conclusion, “vegans” with cancer should stay away from foods high in folic acid, and eat beef but not the liver. “Vegans” without cancer, and everyone else for that matter, should eat foods high in B-9 and B-12 and the best source of B-12 is “Beef Liver” to build their immune systems and prevent cancer. A balanced diet for everyone!!
I hope this information has helped each one of you. It has helped me answer the question why “vegans” with cancer are basically fighting against themselves by feeding the cancer while trying to kill it with MMS/CDS!
Let's change the world together!

Bishop Mark Grenon
First Bishop – Genesis II Church

Mauricio R. Ayala Bishop MMS MD Colombia

Veganos/Vegetarianos y El Cáncer

Creo que por fin he encontrado la respuesta al porque los veganos y vegetarianos pasan situaciones bastante difíciles y les cuesta más matar el cáncer en sus cuerpos!
Nota: Me referiré a ambos grupos llamándolos “Veganos” para facilitar el tema y la escritura.
En los últimos años hemos visto muchas personas que han “restaurado su salud” rápidamente con MMS y ahora con MMS/SDC, pero los “veganos” con quienes hemos trabajado en ello, parecen luchar mucho más cuando se trata de cáncer. He visto alrededor de 10 casos de “veganos” que realmente han tenido momentos realmente difíciles y teniendo dificultades para librarse de los tumores cancerosos, incluso si ellos han estado tomando religiosamente MMS o MMS / CDS. La semana pasada se me invitó a viajar a Armenia (Ciudad Colombiana) para ayudar a una señora con cáncer de pulmón con metástasis en la espina dorsal
(Vea:https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7s5rsljhbz52 ... timony.MOV )
O: (http://www.youtube.com/user/MMSforhispa ... ature=mhee ) Me informe una vez llegue a su casa que ella es “vegana” y lo ha sido por mas de 15 años. Había estado tomando MMS clásico usando el protocolo 1000 por cerca de 4 semanas y algo de éxito se había obtenido pero lo suspendió… desanimada después de una reacción adversa. Creo poder demostrar porque ella solo obtuvo un limitado exito en el tratamiento de su enfermedad.
Nota: la reacción adversa (síndrome de curación) fue producida por haber tomado demasiado y sin ella estar informada, que debería haber bajado y reducido la dosis en caso de malestar para permitir al organismo eliminar las toxinas que el MMS y su acción, hubiere producido en su torrente sanguíneo. Jim escribió recientemente sobre “Vegetarianismo y Veganismo” – Nuestra salvación o Nuestro infierno?” Yo escribí en un boletín previo acerca de los éxitos en los casos de indígenas colombianos con MMS/SDC y los protocolos y del hecho real que ellos empezaron a “restaurar su salud” rápidamente y a tasas impresionantes, una vez comenzaron a ingerir carne de res. La respuesta es que a la mayoría de nuestros lectores les gustó estos artículos y la única crítica real era la de unos pocos "veganos". No estoy diciendo que comer verduras, frutas, frutos secos, cereales sea malo. Sólo estamos diciendo que no es suficiente, sobre todo cuando se trata de eliminar las células cancerosas en el cuerpo. Se necesita toda la ayuda que se pueda conseguir de "toda buena fuente" de nutrición.
Primero que todo déjenme mencionar el “HECHO” que la boca humana esta diseñada para todos los tipos de comida. Frutas, vegetales y carnes. Porque tenemos este tipo de dientes si se supone que únicamente estamos diseñados para comer vegetales, frutas y granos? Porque tenemos dientes Caninos si se supone que no se usan? Somos vampiros entonces? Y no es un chiste!

Comencé a investigar donde se encuentra la vitamina B-12 en altas concentraciones y SI: se encuentra en la carne roja. La Vitamina B-12 no se encuentra en los vegetales, granos, nueces y frutas. Nosotros necesitamos B-12. Es esencial….y mire que tan esencial es:

Vitamina B12, vitamina B12 o vitamina B-12, también llamada cobalamina, es una vitamina soluble en agua con un rol clave en el normal funcionamiento del cerebro y del sistema nervioso y en el proceso de la formación de sangre. Es una de las nueve vitaminas B y esta presente normalmente en el metabolismo de cada célula del cuerpo humano especialmente afectando la síntesis del DNA y su regulación pero también esta presente en la síntesis de ácidos grasos y en la producción de energía.
La Vitamina B12 consiste en una clase química de componentes (vitamers) todos los cuales tienen la actividad de la vitamina. Contiene el raro bio-elemento químico llamado: Cobalto. Como remplazo de la vitamina B-12 natural existe una forma sintética (que no acurre en la naturaleza) de esta vitamina que es muy común: la cianocobalamina, que es usada en muchos suplementos y productos farmacéuticos y como aditivo de la comida por su estabilidad y bajo costo. Pero cual es el costo de su salud? En el cuerpo esta forma sintética de vitamina B-12 es convertida en formas fisiológicas de: metilcobalamina y la adenosilcobalamina, dejando trazas y cantidades de cianuro, en el organismo…aun cuando en mínimas cantidades.
Pero quien quiere tener a si sean cantidades mínimas de cianuro en su organismo?
Porque querría envenenar su cuerpo con estas sustancias de todas formas?
Mas recientemente en el tiempo, se han encontrado la hydroxocobalamina, metilcobalamina, y la adenosilcobalamina en productos farmacéuticos y suplementos alimenticios mas costosos, que están actualmente en el mercado.

Así que aun cuando se hallan sustancias remplazantes de la vitamina B-12 son producidas en laboratorio y dejan trazas de cianuro en el organismo, además de que NO son bien absorbidas tanto como la que se encuentra en su forma natural. Porque habría alguien de desear tan intensamente comer los nutrientes correctos en formas incorrectas ?...en otras palabras: porque los “veganos” se resignarían a ingerir suplementos y vitaminas sintéticas el resto de sus vidas en vez de comer justamente los alimentos que los suplen de vitaminas esenciales en su forma natural? La respuesta es: consumir una dieta completamente balanceada que incluye carne o lo que se obtiene de ella sin consumirla!!!
Sin B-12 en su estado natural el sistema inmune no puede estar fuerte. Punto!!!

Fuentes de Vitamina B12

µg vitamin 12/100g

Hígado de res pre cosido 83.1
Menudillos de pavo a fuego lento 33,2
Carne de cerdo salchicha de hígado 20,1
Ostras del Pacífico 16,0
Cangrejo de Alaska cocido 11,5
Almejas crudas 11,3
Menudillos de pollo Olla 9,4
Queso 3,3
Carne (sin cocinar solomillo) 1,15
Huevo (huevo pollo crudo, entero) 0,89
Leche entera de vaca 0,45
Pechuga de pollo sin procesar 0.20b

La vitamina B-12 esta presente en los huevos de gallina pero en cantidades pequeñas.
Nota: Cuando alguien esta luchando en contra del cáncer esta persona necesita su sistema inmune fuerte y trabajando al máximo de su capacidad. La única forma que esto suceda es consumiendo altas cantidades de vitamina B-12. Es esencial! El queso es una buena fuente de vitamina B-12. El pollo es buena fuente. Las menudencias de pollo contienen hasta 3 veces la cantidad de vitamina B-12 que el queso. Como se puede ver en el cuadro de arriba los productos del mar antes mencionados son geniales, pero no es fácil de adquirir a menos que usted vive cerca del océano. Así que parece que un cierto tipo de salchicha de hígado y menudencias de pavo son muy buenos también. Sin embargo, la mejor fuente es uno de los más fáciles y más baratos de encontrar: que es el hígado de res! Se encuentra en la carne de res pero hay mas de 80 veces en el hígado de res!
Entonces supongo que es mejor decir: donde esta el hígado de res? y no solamente: donde esta la carne? (Parafraseo en ingles que al traducir al español no lo es tanto).
Los animales salvajes poseen un sistema inmune bastante fuerte y resistente. De hecho en el mundo animal salvaje no había CANCER hasta que comenzaron a consumir los alimentos procesados de los humanos. Adivinen que es lo que se comen primero cuando matan a un animal? El HIGADO ¡!! Porque lo hacen así? Algunos lo llamarían: La madre naturaleza….yo lo llamo DIOS!
Estoy verdaderamente cansado de escuchar a personas “veganas” decir: No quiero matar ningún animal que tenga cara….
…pues los Pollos y el pescado la tienen.
Para todos los “veganos” Cristianos: Jesús consumía pescado y lo cocinaba!

John 21
9 Y como descendieron á tierra, vieron ascuas puestas, y un pez encima de ellas, y pan.
10 Díceles Jesús; Traed de los peces que cogisteis ahora.
11 Subió Simón Pedro, y trajo la red á tierra, llena de grandes peces, ciento cincuenta y tres: y siendo tantos, la red no se rompió.
12 Díceles Jesús: Venid, comed. Y ninguno de los discípulos osaba preguntarle: ¿Tú, quién eres? sabiendo que era el Señor.
13 Viene pues Jesús, y toma el pan, y les da; y asimismo del pez.
14 Esta era ya la tercera vez que Jesús se manifestó á sus discípulos, habiendo resucitado de los muertos.
15 Y cuando hubieron comido, Jesús dijo á Simón Pedro: Simón, hijo de Jonás, ¿me amas más que estos? Dícele; Sí Señor: tú sabes que te amo. Dícele: Apacienta mis corderos.

Miren lo que dice la biblia en relación a que pasara en los últimos días:

1 Timoteo 4
1 EMPERO el Espíritu dice manifiestamente, que en los venideros tiempos alguno apostatarán de la fe escuchando á espíritus de error y á doctrinas de demonios;
2 Que con hipocresía hablarán mentira, teniendo cauterizada la conciencia.
3 Que prohibirán casarse, y mandarán abstenerse de las viandas que Dios crió para que con hacimiento de gracias participasen de ellas los fieles, y los que han conocido la verdad.
4 Porque todo lo que Dios crió es bueno, y nada hay que desechar, tomándose con hacimiento de gracias:
5 Porque por la palabra de Dios y por la oración es santificado.
6 Si esto propusieres á los hermanos, serás buen ministro de Jesucristo, criado en las palabras de la fe y de la buena doctrina, la cual has alcanzado.
7 Mas las fábulas profanas y de viejas desecha, y ejercítate para la piedad.

Los sacerdotes en el Antiguo Testamento dicen que se debe comer carne de res y otras carnes rojas. También hay instrucciones sobre cómo matar al animal y cocinar, ver: Levítico 6 y Números 18.

Ahora permítanme mostrarles algo verdaderamente interesante que he encontrado acerca de la vitamina b-9 o Acido Fólico. Primero que todo veamos porque es tan necesario en el organismo y luego en que alimentos se encuentra esta vitamina. Creo firmemente que esta es la razón de el porque los “veganos” tienen tanto problema con los procesos de curación del cáncer en sus cuerpos..

Ácido Fólico (también conocido como Folato, vitamina B9,vitamina Bc(o folacina), ácido pteroyl-L-glutamic, pteroyl-L-glutamate, y ácido pteroylmonoglutamic) son formas solubles al agua de la vitamina B-9. El Acido Fólico por si mismo no esta biológicamente activo, pero su importancia biológica se debe a los derivados de tetrahidrofolato y otros mas y también en su conversión a ácido dihidrofólico en el hígado. Vitamina B (ácido fólico y flotato) es esencial en numerosas funciones del organismo. El cuerpo humano necesita Foliato para sintetizar el DNA y repáralo y necesita metilato en el DNA como actor en ciertas reacciones biológicas como co-factor. Es especialmente importante en la ayuda a una rápida división celular y en el crecimiento de esta, así como en la infancia y el embarazo. Los niños y adultos ambos requieren de ácido fólico para producir glóbulos rojos sanos y prevenir la anemia. Los bajos niveles de ácido fólico también puede conducir a la síntesis de homocisteína .La síntesis del ADN y la reparación se deterioran a falta de ella y esto podría conducir al desarrollo de cáncer… Muchas células cancerosas tienen un alto requerimiento de ácido fólico y sobre expresan el receptor de ácido fólico. Este hallazgo ha llevado al desarrollo de fármacos contra el cáncer que se dirigen al receptor de ácido fólico. Algunas investigaciones han propuesto que buenos niveles de ácido fólico puede estar relacionado con un menor riesgo de cáncer en: esófago, estómago, y cáncer de ovario, pero los beneficios del ácido fólico contra el cáncer puede depender de cuándo se toma y de las condiciones individuales. Además, el ácido fólico puede no ser útil, e incluso podría hacer daño, en las personas que ya sufren de cáncer o en una condición precancerosa. Asimismo, se ha sugerido que el folato en exceso puede promover la iniciación del tumor. El folato se ha demostrado que desempeñan un doble papel en el desarrollo del cáncer, baja ingesta de folato protege contra los principios de la carcinogénesis, y la alta ingesta de folato promueve la carcinogénesis avanzada.
Alimentos con alto nivel de Flotato:

• Las verduras de hoja verde como las espinacas, espárragos, hojas de nabo, lechuga y algunos vegetales Asiáticos
• Las legumbres como las judías secas o frescas, guisantes y lentejas
• Las yemas de huevo.
• Levadura de panadero
• Los productos de granos enriquecidos (pastas, cereales, pan), algunos cereales para el desayuno (listos para el consumo y otros) están fortificados con el 25% y el 100% de la cantidad diaria recomendada (CDR) de ácido fólico
• Semillas de girasol
• Productos del hígado y el hígado contienen altas cantidades de ácido fólico
• Riñón

Cantidades moderadas:
Ciertas frutas (zumo de naranja, jugo de piña en conserva, melón, melón, jugo de toronja, plátano, frambuesa, pomelo y fresa) y verduras (remolacha, maíz, jugo de tomate, jugo de verduras, brócoli, coles de Bruselas, lechuga romana), cerveza.

Ahora…ha notado que los alimentos con alto contenido de ácido fólico son los alimentos que los “veganos” consumen todos los días? Siendo así, si un “vegano” tiene diagnosticado un cáncer y es de lo que estamos hablando acá, entonces realmente esta alimentando el cáncer y no matándolo…con su dieta rica en ácido fólico. Un “vegano” no deberá consumir hígado porque es rico en ácido fólico en altas cantidades En conclusión, “los veganos” con cáncer deben permanecer lejos de los alimentos ricos en ácido fólico y comer carne pero no hígado. “Veganos” sin cáncer, y cualquier otra persona no vegana y para esta enfermedad, deberá comer alimentos ricos en vitamina B-9 y B-12 y la mejor fuente de vitamina B-12 es el hígado de res que construye y fortalece su sistema inmune y previene el cáncer. Una dieta balanceada para todos!!
Sinceramente espero que esta información pueda ayudar a cada uno de ustedes. A mi me ha ayudado a responder a la pregunta de por qué los "veganos" con el cáncer están básicamente luchando contra sí mismos alimentando el cáncer al intentar matarlo consumiendo MMS / CDS!
Cambiemos el mundo juntos!

Obispo Mark Grenon
First Bishop – Genesis II Church

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Q on HIV

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MMS patent HIV.pdf
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Re: Q on HIV

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Apr 21 2018 12:18:22
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ
Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest.
CHAI discounted pharmaceuticals to distribute abroad.
Pharma alliance.
Protect domestic high prices.
Domestic = PAYDAY.

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Weight, Eczema, Mono and more

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Inflammation, be sure to stay away from bad oils, pretty much all are bad in my opinion except coconut oil.

Eczema, an indicator that the body is trying to push a toxin out thru the skin.

Weight gain, another indicator the body has a toxin, it covers with fat cells and we enlarge in size. Further info on this see Dr Bob/Richard Beck on YouTube, Ventura lecture 1995/6. I borrowed Bob's line of thinking, transferred it to MMS and women tend to lose about 20Lbs a month using Just the basic protocol.

Essentially 3-5 drops in water 20 mins before meals. This gets the SC>stomach/acid where it converts to CLO2 and gets into blood stream followed up by nutrition.

ANY amount you can do and stay below the stomach upset threshold IS the way to go. After a week or 10 days at X drops per day, challenge the threshold and see if you can do more. The "tumminess" is due to killing off or oxidizing that that is giving you the issues you have experienced and are experiencing.

Coffee, Orange Juice, Coconut water are not to be taken while using SC/oxidative therapy as they either counter or make feel ill.

If you like coffee in AM, then start the drops either 20 mins before coffee or wait to start daily drops at lunchtime.

MMS deals w/Mono..and most other illness and conditions.

For back, you can mix w/acid and DMSO and spray on areas of issue OR you can mix 25ish drops SC w/25 drops acid and wait 40 seconds add to bath water , soak relax enjoy, feel better, skin will be softer and you will feel better.
Women can also douche , typically if doing 10 drops a day, then 10 drops activated in douche, hold 15 mins if possible.

Another easy simple way is if the objective is 12 drops per day, put 12 drops of SC in a water bottle, (plastic/clay or glass NEVER metal) and drink from that during the day.
I tend to use 1L 1 Qt bottles, add drops and drink during day as I feel thirsty.

Jim Humbles protocols is typically 21 days 24 drops a day. We each have different levels of issues, concerns, weight and length of illness embedded, so 21 days is too much for some and too little for others.
You will gauge how long by how you feel.
Typically I am seeing 100-120 days for the conditions you speak of. You will know best by how you look and feel.

Don't over do it. Just keep plugging along. ANY SC in body will help. More = faster but don't make yourself feel worse by being overly drop enthusiastic.

Keep letting me know how you are doing and any questions, thoughts, concerns you may have.

PS topical, mix 20ish SC w/20 acid, wait 40 seconds, add 20 water and up to 20 DMSO. Spray or rub onto areas of concern. No need to wash off in my opinion. Some would do the topical and then the bath with the possibility of douche while waiting for bath after doing topical. That would speed up the process considerably.
Topical/Douche/Bath as well as oral dosing.

To Your Health and Well Being!

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Re: Weight, Eczema, Mono and more

Unread post by Storm »

multi vitamins are a hoax, often wrong, incomplete, dead or harmful Clear body of toxins and the body will rebalance Much of what big HARMA teaches us is false. We require a balance of oxidants just slightly more than anti Oxidants. Anti OX prevents OXYGEN from doing its job. Oxygen is what removes some pathogens/toxins SC will clear the mud and plaque off the body's working systems.. Dental use it, I forget the name, look for either sodium chlorite or stabilized oxygen or CLO2 in the ingredients list. While the dental version is extremely weak, it shows that it is used in dental hygiene

"iF" vitamins and etc were working... we'd not be here.. where we are. The root issue is that we get low on HCl past 40. HCl/stomach acid is the 1st line of defense in body immune system. Zinc is required to make HCl. W/O adequate HCl we can not break down nor assimilate the vits a minerals we are told to take.

HCl is made from zinc and salt in body. WE can supplement 1) Zinc, 2 ) betaine, 3 ) carbs. including soft drinks gatorade.

Low magnesium? No matter how much magnesium we our in, none is assimilated w/o proper acid to digest and assimilate.

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Re: Q on HIV

Unread post by Storm »

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new MMS testimonials page

Unread post by KnowBuddy »


MMS is Jim Humbles Master Mineral Solution we call Sodium Chlorite Solution

see SC protocols on how to eliminate most illness/conditions

see above link for those healed's testimonial/s

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Re: MMS and DMSO

Unread post by NorthWoodDoc »

PS as to DMSO, 1st test self by placing one drop on skin. If liver pain, one is not ready for DMSO.
DMSO is generally used for topical applications
a Guide:
mix 5 drops MMS 5 drops HCl wait 45 seconds or so, add 5 drops water and then up to 5 drops DMSO.
Apply to area or buttocks or fleshy area. Neck is another option.
DMSO will "freeze" be;low 70F

Invite FREEDOM Pioneers to join us Thanks Patriots!
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Cancer CURE Patent

Unread post by Storm »

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Re: Cancer CURE Patent

Unread post by Storm »

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Cancer Text

Unread post by Storm »

due to squeamish content there are no pics this is only teh text of the article I wrote
for full pics text and film

March 10th

Tonight, we again decided to wait until tomorrow for more injections. What I found tonight was amazing, it’s moved [I guess I should use US measurements or would you prefer metric?] about 2 inches from the connective tissues and the tumor is breaking apart in different areas. I can put my finger inside the tumor in places as well, over an inch and a half. There is some more bleeding where the tumor is breaking apart.

In the vagina, the tumor is breaking up as well. I can say that both the vagina and vulva are both seemingly separating from the mass now. I will send photos from tonight that show exactly what I am trying to explain. One of the tumors from the vagina has already moved totally outside now. This was inside before now. I can easily feel the deeper mass without any effort. I do know what these were like from the beginning.

It is exciting to see the progress we are making now. I believe that if we continued to just work with ingestion and not injection as well, we’d be at least months behind what I see currently.

We might be inserting a catheter tomorrow because it’s hard for her to urinate when you have the bentonite clay on without disrupting it. In the past, I didn’t use the bentonite the same day I used injections. I believe that it will help with the process now.

It looks really good now, tonight the tumor is separating from the connective tissues. It’s amazing!

You would really wish to see this in person. I can feel the difference so much from even last night. The edges are becoming more defined and easy to move.

I am really excited to see the results so far. If it continues to go in this direction, I believe it will come off, not shrink.

We gave her a break tonight and just used the Bentonite with Colloidal Silver and the CDS in it. We normally use the bentonite since we have great success in riding smaller moles and even melanoma patches.

I am really happy with what I see with the injections with this major case of melanoma.

March 9th

It is really changing quickly now. It’s bleeding but also turning pink in more of the surface area. It only hurts when she sits on it but this was the same as before we started.

She is really doing well. I am surprised how strong she really is. I may
give her the day off and just let her recover a bit.

Please notice the yellow circle. This was attached last night but this is what’s now happening around the edges. I can see it’s not going to take too long to clear this tumor

. I may attempt non acidified solution tomorrow. Until tonight, there was no pain,
some burning but no pain. Tonight she was upset for the first time. She
really is a trooper.

If I use non activated tomorrow will let you know. It is working so if it
slows up, I will revert back to activated. I can also get her some morphine
if we need to. That’s just making a call to get it delivered.

I will see with the patient how it works with the activation, I will test
without as well with the next patient. I can always switch back to activated
if it doesn’t work. I will monitor the pH and see if it’s causing an issue.

I have been reading and believe that with activation will be faster than
without but that’s just a hypothesis. I will take some time to think about
this today. The tumor should already be acidic and if so, metabolic acidosis
should be enough to activated it in the tumor and might tend to convert
nicely. I really would have to take some time to think more about this. HMMM
might be worth a shot, if it does, the process might help to destroy the
cancer cells.

March 8th

It looks really good now, tonight the tumor is separating from the connective tissues. It’s amazing!

I really feel good about what I see tonight. We gave her a break and only
used the Bentonite with the CDS and Colloidal Silver we normally use for
smaller cases.

The Bentonite and silver has been a great solution to smaller melanoma cases
and moles that have turned black. In a day to a few days, they are normally
gone. I wish I took some photos of some of the cases we used it with. It
hasn’t failed us yet.

I am looking forward to seeing how it works with the CDS included as well.
It’s really amazing. We go through bags of this and already out again.

It is really changing quickly now. It’s bleeding but also turning pink in more of the surface area. It only hurts when she sits on it but this was the same as before we started.

She is really doing well. I am surprised how strong she really is. I may
give her the day off and just let her recover a bit.

I will attempt that tomorrow. Until tonight, there was no pain,
some burning but no pain. Tonight she was upset for the first time. She
really is a trooper.

I will use nonactivated tomorrow and let you know. It is working so if it
slows up, I will revert back to activated. I can also get her some morphine
if we need to. That’s just making a call to get it delivered.

What do you think of the tumor and the connective tissues?

Tonight was different in a few ways. It was painful for the first time
meaning we couldn’t get but 3cc and three sites.

The edges which were attached to the unaffected tissues are not separating
and clear from the tumor. It’s much softer as well. When I reach my fingers
around the edges, I can almost touch. The connecting tissues and the tumor
are becoming more defined and the connective areas are lessening.

I am also able to pull what seems to be dead fibers from the tumor as well.
It’s like strings, black and very strong too. This is the first time for
this to be so much.

I was hoping to get more solutions inside the tumor but it’s too painful

We washed it with the CDH and let her rest. We will see tomorrow.

I really feel that it’s working well.

Video Player


Video Player



Mostly the density is changing. The first two days it was shrinking but the
third day expanded in some areas a bit. I am not concerned about a bit of
expansion since I have learned that when the solidified tumor breaks down,
it becomes liquefied and expands before it shrinks.

I would will see what happens tonight when I examine it.

Thursday March 7th

These are from this morning. Where I concentrated on injections.

Day 3 pics

injection sites

I was able to get 6cc injected tonight, can really tell the difference now
with the mass. It’s now very easy to inject and the solution is able to come
out many different areas.

I didn’t get the video tonight like I was hoping but will surely do from now
on. You will see how easy it is to make the injections now. It’s burning
more now but I increased the concentration by another 6 drops of each…
it’s now about 20% stronger.

I will send you some of the photos in the morning again and possibly a few
tonight. It’s going to work, I believe.

I will see what happens with others as well if this works out well.

It is exciting to see the progress we are making now. I believe that if we continued to just work with ingestion and not injection as well, we’d be at least months behind what I see currently.

We might be inserting a catheter tomorrow because it’s hard for her to urinate when you have the bentonite clay on without disrupting it. In the past, I didn’t use the bentonite the same day I used injections. I believe that it will help with the process now.

Wednesday March 6th

from Potato>Grapefruit>Tomato density in 72 hours

We moved to tomato now… it’s really softer tonight.

I have a new case starting shortly. I will be reviewing the scans and DDX
from the doctors and deciding what to do. I never turn down a case but only
Stage 3 and Stage 4 are even presented to me. It’s normally late stage 4 I
have the pleasure of dealing with.

I was able to inject 6cc into the tumor and it’s getting much softer inside and much easier to get the 24g needle into the center of the tumor now.

It also is bleeding much more now when I give the injections. This is a very good sign because it’s coming back to life! It’s also starting to hurt a bit now where the first set of injections, she only had a little bit of burning and NO PAIN at all.

From my experience, tumors are without pain, when they are returning to live, pain is one of the first signs the cancer is dying.

It’s also expanding is some areas while shrinking in others. Again, experience has taught me that when a hard tumor is returning to life, it almost always expands before shrinking. This is what I expected to see.

Another note; I have an appointment next week with a clinic in Thailand that works with alternative cancer treatments. They have followed me on Twitter for some time and I met with them a few months back. I will be presenting this to the one of the doctors I know over there. They are

Akesis Life @AkesisLife if you wish to look them up.

We have been using bentonite clay with this patient for a few months now.
It’s been helping to slow it down. Should we be stopping this while doing
the protocol?

Tuesday March 5th

What I had noticed last night was;
The first night I injected the CDS into the tumor, it was much harder inside
and felt more like a potato compared to the second night which while
injecting the solution, it was more like a grapefruit and the solution was
coming out where I injected the night before.

The inside seems to be getting softer first. I might try to record the
injections tonight. I am not sure, but will try.

I am only using the solution for two days, I am storing it in the ref. so
it’s dark and cold. I warmed it up first as well.

SCS pics

Day 2 pics

Here is the new photo.
1. Is before injection
2. Is after injection
3. Is also after injection

I asked that they use the same angle each time but too late this time…

I used 22 drops in a 100mL NSS bottle. I will use this same bottle tomorrow
if we opt to do. Everything is kept sterile and believe we are going with
the right protocol. Let me know what you think please.

You can notice the difference from before and after in person. I will have
them use my Nikon D-7200 if they can. I do the injections but they take care
of the photos.
Today I got 5cc and she did very well. She is a brave lady and a great

I will see how she does tomorrow. Should I wait a few days or continue with
the injections tomorrow?


Can easily see how much the tumor is separating in this photo.

separation commencing
Can easily see how much the tumor is separating in this photo.

It is really changing quickly now. It’s bleeding but also turning pink in more of the surface area. It only hurts when she sits on it but this was the same as before we started.

She is really doing well. I am surprised how strong she really is. I may
give her the day off and just let her recover a bit.

I used 22 drops in a 100mL NSS bottle. I will use this same bottle tomorrow
if we opt to do. Everything is kept sterile and believe we are going with
the right protocol. Let me know what you think please.

You can notice the difference from before and after in person.
Today I got 5cc and she did very well. She is a brave lady and a great

I will see how she does tomorrow. May wait a few days or continue with
the injections tomorrow.

Your friend in Thailand

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Re: Cancer Text

Unread post by Storm »

I am using both solutions now, the activated and non-activated versions.
Solution One:
13 drops of both sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid
One 100mL NSS IV water [Saline]
Let stand 12 hours and refrigerated
Solution Two:
15 drops of sodium chlorite
One 100mL NSS IV water [saline]
I am using the full strength of the solution in the injections.
Toinight I used both solutions, in the posteroanterior I used the activated solution that was prepared with 13 drops of both SC and HCI in 100mL of NSS water IV. I was able to get 2.5cc into a new area.
In the front I used the SC solution. I prepared 15 drops of SC in 100mL of NSS IV. I was able to inject 4.5cc into the anteroposterior of the tumor without much disconfort.
I asked which burned more, the activated solution or the non-activated solution, she didn't hesitate to say that the non-activated burned much less.
The edges are surely separating from the tumor. I can see new skin where it was once tumor. The black is dissipating quicker as well.

Just finished with tonight’s injections.
Inspecting the mass, it was easy to see how much it’s separating from the connective tissue. The mass is also breaking up in the center. In the upper front of the mass, it’s clearly breaking apart.
As I did last night, I separated the two solutions, in the posteroanterior I used the activated solution that was prepared with 13 drops of both SC and HCI in 100mL of NSS water IV. I was able to get 4.5.
In the front I used the SC solution. I prepared 15 drops of SC in 100mL of NSS IV. I was able to inject 5cc into the anteroposterior of the tumor.

Again, I am using both solutions now, the activated and non-activated versions.
Solution One:
13 drops of both sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid
One 100mL NSS IV water [Saline]
Let stand 12 hours and refrigerated
Solution Two:
15 drops of sodium chlorite
One 100mL NSS IV water [saline]
I am using the full strength of the solution in the injections.

I am sending the video of the injections, or part of them. You can notice that it's easy for the solution to come out in different areas of the mass now.

Hi Glenn. Again, excellent photos and the two videos are informative for others who may need/want to do the injections.

It seems the activated solution is what we call CDH in that you combine sodium chlorite solution (SCS) with HCL into a saline solution. Is the SCS 25% SC in liquid form or was it made from SC flakes/powder? The HCL is 4%? Have you measured the CLO2 concentration (ppm)?

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Re: Cancer Text

Unread post by Storm »

It appears to be separating in places. I had to pack it tonight. Busy with this and no injections tonight. Wasn’t going to anyway but with what I see, maybe we have ready done much of the work already.

I hope we don’t need to have a resection done. We have a plastic surgeon in the family so if we have to, he’ll have to make a fast trip.

He’s the one that asked me to take the case anyway.

I see they are uploading in reverse order. The ones with the blood we from the very edge of the mass and I pulled deep clots from the inside. This is NOT from the vagina area but the vulva region.

I am beat now and really want some rest. I can’t believe it’s going well this fast. Normally, I have to work much harder to get results like this.
new CURES page http://FreedomForceNEWS.com/clo2
also http://freedomforcenews.com/s4c
and other pages HEMP CLO2 Cancer CURES and much more see mainpage click in my signature
https://petities.nl/petitions/mms-verbo ... ?locale=en
https://mmsforum.io/goto/general/32175- ... dden#60079
https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/31/3 ... anse-.html

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