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Just a Q uick thought

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US13 United States of America
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Just a Q uick thought

Post by US13 » Nov 7th, '18, 17:31

If you are gauging a loss in the House , and you know you cannot interfere with the midterms with a Document drop .... how do you protect yourself , how do you protect the documents ....give it to the OIG to protect that way it cannot be buried or lied about ...Cannot wait for that OIG Fisa Abuse Report to come out

bergle Canada
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Re: Just a Q uick thought

Post by bergle » Mar 17th, '19, 02:44

Any idea what is taking so long?....Why did the conserves not put this out when they had two majorities?
The slow steady drip pf facts and the rumbles from democrats seem calculated///like a broadway show...leading to a climax...Civil War...possibly?

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StormAnon Canada
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Re: Just a Q uick thought

Post by StormAnon » Mar 17th, '19, 03:58

7500 years corruption 27 months in power..
tis a show, one to wake dimocrats Libtards and SJW trash..
everyone gets a chance to wake..some will some won't.
Those of us woke for decades...this is tedious
Those just woke want immediate results

all in time
all in time.

enjoy the show..

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