Spygate: Svetlana Lokhova V. Halper et al; colorful details

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Spygate: Svetlana Lokhova V. Halper et al; colorful details

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Svetlana Lokhova v. Halper; Dow Jones/WSJ; NY-Times, WaPo, NBC/Universal (MSNBC)

+ Stefan Halper deliberately damaged the reputation of Svetlana Lokhova by alleging she was a "Russian Spy" & traitor to her country & also had an affair with Gen Flynn on orders of Russian Intelligence.

+ Lokhova gives revealing descriptions of Halper, showing his true colors (e.g., he's a chronic liar) that msm leaves out for one reason or another. It seems after Halper's name was spoken aloud it took a couple of months before I saw any clear images of him, what he really looks like (up-close).

+ On the first four pages of the document, I have different color markings to notate pertinent text.

+ Link to the full 66-page legal document brought by Svetlana Lokhova:
https://anonfile.com/w9E5E5tfnb/Svetlan ... -66pgs_pdf

https://anonfile.com/mfGeE3t6n6/Svetlan ... 271051_jpg

https://anonfile.com/u1G3Eetfnd/Svetlan ... 271052_jpg

https://anonfile.com/08G5E8t1n4/Svetlan ... 271053_jpg

https://anonfile.com/47G8E2t7nb/Svetlan ... 271054_jpg

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