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Zoom in close on Moon, Mars, & Venus with P900 camera

sorry to be the one to tell you that...
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Zoom in close on Moon, Mars, & Venus with P900 camera

Post by RedpillTheWorld » Mar 25th, '18, 13:10


Zoom image of Venus with Nikon P900 camera.
Venus Zoom.png
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Re: Zoom in close on Moon, Mars, & Venus with P900 camera

Post by StormAnon » Mar 25th, '18, 15:58

the video shows Saturn with rings no?

Notice all the divets on the south end of Moon.. Thats evidence of impacts.
Notice the lines near bottom face a circle with lines going out in every direction.

When we look at back side of Mars we see there are many evidences of impacts.

When we look at Jupiter and especially one or more of Jupiter's moons we see evidence of impacts on one of its faces facing Mars.

The Ancient texts tell us that the Planet Tiamat, which one resided between Mars and Jupiter was blown up using an Earthquake technology which raises several questions.

1) How did ancient cave dwellers w/o telescopes have knowledge of not only Tiamat, but of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets in our solar system

2) How did they know the Asteroid belt is what was once the planet Tiamat?

3) According to Enki, the hammered bracelet was in place 500K years ago when they entered this young solar system. The Hammered bracelet, is the Asteroid belt, the remains of Tiamat blown up by Earthquake technology

4) How did the ancients know about or see an Asteroid Belt?

5) There once was an atmosphere water and more on Mars. Those who came 500K years ago left a face on Mars for a specific reason. To honor one of their fallen.

6) Venus atmosphere is messed up.


1) We are NOT alone
2) We have never been alone
3) Someone/something had to tell the ancients of the Planets and their History as we human badteria did not have the technology or the History
4) The technology used to destroy Tiamat is similar to the technology used in 911 that pulls molecules apart according to at least one researcher.

I posit that we are A) not alone B) that others have struggled and lost the fight for their planet long before we were genetically manipulated some 250K years ago into existence, C) that our cousins or beings similar but more technologically advanced blew up Tiamat in a struggle , D) that Mars Atmosphere was blown off, E) that Venus atmosphere is messed up all by the same minds of discontent and struggle we are dealing with today.

We are not alone nor have ever been alone. We are a young genetically modified into existence being, and that we are not the First, we are the LAST, that Earth is the last vestige for life in this inconsequential solar system and we are working very very hard to bring heavy metals to the surface to kill all life. Chemtrails, Domoic acid, radiation, aluminum, cyanides, chemicals, HARMACEUTICALS, Oil, poisons of ALL types. That Humans and our ancestral cousins are badteria that are a disease on Planets as we and others of our lineage destroy life as fast as we can where ever it is found.

Mars, Venus, Tiamat 3 examples of Planets once with life now void of life and Earth following close behind.

Image Image Image Image Image Image[P]HARMA

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