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This is the area for site building ideas, notes, & suggestions as we build FFN.
cortinagt Canada
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Re: Suggestion New Forum Category

Post by cortinagt » Jun 20th, '19, 18:16

So you want a forum about everything the God that you believe in (all hearsay) thinks is wrong ...
Doesn't sound very awakening to me ...
Not saying that I don't believe in some of your points , but to me God is all smoke and mirrors as well .
Just my two cents .
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StorminOn (Jun 21st, '19, 04:23)
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Herb GuitarLik jr Canada
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Re: Suggestion New Forum Category

Post by Herb GuitarLik jr » Jun 22nd, '19, 20:11

PatriotGal wrote:
Jun 17th, '19, 21:09
First, thank you for this site. Down to biz. Satan has deceived us in many areas. Part of the Great Awakening is becoming aware and turning back to God. I suggest a whole new forum section. Not sure of name, perhaps The Great Awakening to Mass Deceptions. Sub-categories below it, not in any order:

1. NASA Lies. This would include the moon landings, satellites, ISS, Mars fakery, related news (such as about the black hole "discovery"), and so on.

2. Flat Earth. This would include both Biblical and scientific evidence of the true cosmology of our world.

3. Sabbath and Other Laws. Most Christians erroneously believe we no longer need to obey the 10 commandments, or that Sunday Sabbath is an ok substitute for sunset to sunset Fri/Sat Sabbath. Jesus wants an obedient people. He, the apostles, and the New Testament churches continued to observe the 10 commandments, holy days, and dietary laws. This is huge. Yes, we are saved by grace alone, but should we continue in sin, which is a transgression of the Law? When Christ returns and sets up His Kingdom, we will obey the commandments, feasts, and dietary laws.

4. Transgender Agenda. They are everywhere, including government and most of Hollywood.

5. Occult and Beast Worship. I just learned that the New Age idelogy is actually anti-Christian. So is energy healing, such as Reiki. We should educate ourselves on their signs and symbols to avoid using and be aware and clear homes of pagan objects. (Peace sign is devil's horns. Ok sign is 666.)
The opening of CERN (under Tech forum), Olympics opening ceremonies, half time shows-- they all were embedded with Satanic themes.
there is a NASA forum and a satanists forum...use drop down menu top right area (Create a Topic)

Herb Guitarlik jr and the Al Gore Rhythm BANNED :mrgreen:

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