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The censorship is strong.

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The censorship is strong.

Post by StormAnon » Sep 8th, '19, 03:20

Those who created us 250K years ago and left 6500ish years ago left us to our own devices w/maybe a program or two installed on our psyche.. disinfo like religion, comes to mind but also the jewish usury program of debt slavery. My point, we childish assholes have been left to our own devices. Will we survive ourselves? I'm not too sure.U can review parts of this by viewing Don Schorns elder god theory on youtube or my video tab in forum.

Yes those who own everything OWN everything inc joogle jewtube etc...its the same problem Hitler was up against. See Communism by back door, Youtube or websearch or is on my main page as is the Brennan vid and more.

Now don't get me wrong, Jesus lived but was not the sparkly Unicorn many claim...

lets recap.
Who Killed Jesus?
And who been running religion ever since?

The Torah and Bible both based in Sumerian records, see Origin of Species and a few other similar threads in my forum some really good info on who we are who created us why...
Now the Judeahites who are the holders of the Torah, turns out they and I have a similar belief where JC is concerned. Lived, notta Unicorn. That said Jesus blood analyzed 1980s came back 24 chromosomes. 23 Mary 1 paternal, the Y chromosome.
We have 46 as 2 are fused from the genetic splice done to create us some 250K years ago all accounted for in great detail in the Sumerian records.

Of interest is the skull of a Grey ET recovered Mexico 1930s, is about 800 years old and also 24 chromosomes...
We also have a few reptilians recovered and cat scanned/xrayed
So I posit that they who created us, also created Jesus..dropped him off in Mary's womb and while capable of some extra insights, notta Unicorn...
The video on main page down a bit Cataclysmic find video covers Jesus blood recovered 1980s.

Also in origins in forum we have the video on the 1000s of 10K year old + artifacts that clearly show Grey ET interacting w/people and a child exchange program where a sphere is returned to man for the child. Is that what is in the baskets of the Egyptian hieroglyphs?

Most people will only look at the past 2650 years, back to Moses time.
But that is a mere 1% of our History, time here.
The other 99% is negated censored hidden rebuked but much is in the Sumerian records inc the GMO manipulation of bringing our species about. Sumer, is now Iraq and they went to Iraq not just for the oil but to destroy the evidence known and hidden of who we really are in order for them to install their 1 world religion.

Humans are superstitious beings who need religion...I am not one of them though.

We all may be feeling a little frail these days.. seems to be a theme everywhere.
Both my parents gone, my LT X also gone, several friends gone...

U R correct, most people are way dumbed down..and can't see the light for the trees...I try not talk to anyone about things unless I know they are already aware. I'm not interested in saving anybody too stupid to figure it out on their high as we think of ourselves, we are a very caustic arrogant species with limited brain ability and as mentioned prior, I'm not sure we have what it takes to survive ourselves. WE seem bent on hacking each other rather than building each other up.. We're despicable.. in a word.

Election rigging has been going on for decades.
The Right wing is growing in US, don't know about Canada.. I think in general we're too dumb to figure it out...
70M voted DT, 57M voted HRC
w/walkaway and other episodes, the dimwit party is diminishing while the RW party grows.

No one has what it takes to legitimately challenge Trump..and they're working hard to rig the 2020...20K people attend these DT rallies...200 people attend the DumbMochracy rallies.

Check out the Kate Mazz pages as well on main page.
She averted an assassination attempt last year.

My concern is not so much DT not winning 2020 as Justaine getting back in 2019. I'm not sure Canadians are bright enough to understand what is and has been occurring over many decades.
Canadians seem too busy enabling the system crushing us all thru taxes, mortgages and the debt slavery paradigm.

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