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    This was probably the greatest moment in eight channn history with cue providing the KEKs!

    Anon gave the perfect response, too!

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    If readers have no idea what this drama is all about, it’s all good. One thing you can take from it is TREAT PEOPLE AND ESPECIALLY YOUR FRIENDS WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT. Don’t gaslight; gossip. Don’t be narcissistic. Use the Socratic Triple Filter Method when in doubt. That’s all

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    Round after round clearing my name. Y’all are lucky I’m a GOOD person who doesn’t aire ALL of what I could. Remember the Crabby incident on Hannity? Not a peep have I uttered. And I’ve got the dm’s from Kate that show I was never (lol) “jealous” of YOU! πŸ–•πŸŒžπŸ–•

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    You care. You’re obsessed. You are the traitor, you gossip. You are the jealous one, O ye who careth not yet doth.

    I don’t care about your website no one visits. Watch me day and night. It’s YOUR obsession, not mine. I just enjoy trolling your site because I SEE it triggers you

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    I believe I have PROVEN WITH FACTS that there is NOTHING wrong with my “state of mind”. You sound like Nurse Ratchet. Want me to take my pills, too? Bitch, please.

    And Color, if I block you wtf is it to YOU? Obviously I don’t want you around, you needy worm.

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    And then she simultaneously tweeted publicly about me. “Jay Kay” is my initials. These people believe their lies that I made this all up out of thin air! Dm’s that I’m a traitor. Then public tweets. Nah, fuck all that bullshit. I’m clearing my name. I wronged NO ONE. NOT 1 OF YOU

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    Does this LOOK like a “misunderstanding” to ANYONE WITH EYEBALLS AND A BRAIN? πŸ˜‚

    Does ANY of what Color13 says look to ANYONE WITH EYEBALLS AND A BRAIN that he’s “not mad, angry, annoyed” and “doesn’t care”?

    Get over me. Seriously! Get a life! πŸ™„

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    The next thread tweet will show there is NO MISUNDERSTANDING that Kate not only baselessly accused me of being a “traitor/turncoat” (while I was BUSTING MY ASS DECODING all of her tweets; meming) but that THIS WAS QUITE THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION! Predicted LONG ago, even…

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    If you gossips can’t handle me standing up for myself and against slander then kick rocks! It’s a “mistake” to clear my name of being a “traitor”. Got it.

    All you STILL DO is gossip on me! I left you over gossip AND IT NEVER STOPPED TO THIS DAY. AND track my tweets on a site. πŸ™„

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    If I were like you people I’d already have long ago dished your dirty laundry. That’s not who I am. I merely cleared my name of being a “traitor”, of YOU telling EVERYONE I’m (LMFAO) “jealous of you”. Of Key11ska saying my wife didn’t abort our twins at 6.5 months.

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    And Color, as for your “folder”… I wouldn’t have just shown tiny glimpses of dm’s of Kate baselessly calling me a traitor out of the blue, saying y’all were “betting on it” if I wasn’t holding onto LEVERAGE, you corporate kiss ass. I have even more FOLDERS than you. πŸ–•πŸŒžπŸ–•

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    How am I “alone”? I barely use Twatter compared to FB and me and my patriot friends LOL all day sharing memes and posts. Plus my “moles” aren’t paid or coerced. They are SICKENED by your treatment of others, namely ME.

    I’m not here for fame, just a good name and fun. Unlike YOU.

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    Speaking of “egos”, Color13 actually believes he doesn’t have one. Stop right there. It’s the same as saying “I’ve never lied”. The statement itself is a lie. We’ve all lied at least once. It’s like saying “I’m humbler than everyone else.” It’s a walking contradiction. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

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    What the “burn pile” is is basically Kate’s Enemies List. So I’m an “enemy” for walking away from a toxic environment of gossip about me that I’m some “traitor”? Have I betrayed ANYONE? HOW? I ASK FOR PROOF AND GET NONE. Have I betrayed Trump or Q or patriots? Show proof or STFU.

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    Look how this band of gossips speak about people not in the cool gossip gang. Bad things happen to good people all day every day. Bad things happen to Kate do they not? By your logic Kate is a bad person.

    Color’s comment of biting a hand that feeds me? I FEED ME, LITTLE BITCH.

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    Calling ME a chicken? Based on what? I never liked your poser, lost puppy ass. I never talked shit about you out of respect I give to ALL people, but you’re a fool. If not for painting skills you’d be just another scrub on the net. If not for my decodes you wouldn’t exist here.

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    The tragically petulant and obsessive drama continues… I blocked them ALL and ALL of Kate’s accounts for a while now. They set up some website that literally shows my tweets to get around being blocked.

    I have actual friends showing me everything they say.

    Enjoy πŸ™„

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    Clearing my name from Kate Mazz mini-cult gossips continues… πŸ™„πŸ™„, I know. But it’s necessary as it’s a whole group vs 1 (me) that REALLY wants each other and others to hate me and join the cool gossip club that people leave EVERY DAY because of how toxic they are.

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    Donald J. Trump


    Iran was violating the 150 Billion Dollar (plus 1.8 Billion Dollar in CASH) Nuclear Deal with the United States, and others who paid NOTHING, long before I became President – and they have now breached their stockpile limit. Not good!