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    Sugar me timbers

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    Fire air filter

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    ║ For those bad air quality days ║

    ⭐How to Build a Corsi-Rosenthal Box⭐

    [Olgeneral8: When the outside air quality index hit 186+ (danger) , this was built from parts at Canadian Tire. Filters were HEPA furnace filters. Worked well at clearing whole floor of house to breathable levels.]

    The device was created to provide significant reduction in the amount of virus-laden, smoke and aerosol particles that are in the air. Dean Richard L. Corsi, co-inventor, shows you the major components of this device, and how to build one.

    You need four MERV 13 filters. (We used four HEPA furnace filters). Keep in mind that filters always have an arrow pointing in the direction that you want the flow going.

    We bought a box fan. We have the box that the box fan came in. This is going to be important because we need some cardboard to put on the bottom of the Corsi-Rosenthal boxes.

    And then you need lots of duct tape to make sure that all the air that goes into the Corsi-Rosenthal box goes through the filter media itself

    ⭐Step 2: Build the Shell⭐
    We're going to connect all four of the filters together. Flow must be from the outside to inside where box fan blows clean air out top.
    Now have the shell of the Corsi-Rosenthal box. We've got all the arrows pointing inwards on the filters. We have all the pleats vertical on the filter design.

    All seams should be duct-tape sealed.

    ⭐Step 3: Put in the Floor⭐
    Now to put a floor on it. Take the box that the fan comes in and use the cardboard to build the floor of the Corsi-Rosenthal box. Make sure that that box shell covers most of the bottom.

    ⭐Step 4: Install the Box Fan⭐
    We want the air to be blowing out, which means that we're going to replace all that air that we're blowing out upward with air sucked into the filters.

    We want to make sure that when we get this box fan on top, we seal it nicely around all of the edges. And that's probably the part of building it that takes the most time.

    Depending upon which fan you use, you may get this kind of thing happening, where you have a little gap between the top of the filters and the box fan. We want to make sure that [gap] goes away. We want to seal that up. What I'll do is just take little pieces of cardboard and put them in the corners here, seal them up nicely in the corners and make sure that that gap doesn't exist. And I'll just take a little bit of duct tape. And do that for each of these corners.

    When we put the box fan on, we slightly elevated the box fan. So make sure that it is very nicely centered so that I don't have any part of the box fan to hanging over the box, hanging over the filters. The next step is we're going to go ahead and seal the seams all around the box fan and the filters.

    The last part of this involves the corners of the box fan itself. The blades on the box fan leave a gap in each of these corners. We want all the flow coming out, but in the corners, you can actually have air flowing back in, in this direction, which reduces your total flow rate through the filters. What we can do to overcome that is just put a small shroud or cover on each of these corners.

    ⭐Step 5: Admire your New Corsi-Rosenthal Box⭐
    This device with the right fan can deliver 600 to 800 cubic feet per minute of filtered air.

    Has been proven effective for lowering the levels of particulates and virus-laden aerosol particles in classroom air, in an office suite air, in the air in your home or apartment.

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    Same scenario than Maui here in BC
    Joanne Thorburn

    PLEASE GET THIS STORY OUT. PLEASE SHARE THIS. WE CAN STILL SAVE LIVES...The government is murdering the citizens of British Columbia CANADA!!

    From a neighbouring local in Celista
    Hey Guys
    We need to get the story out about what’s happening in the Shuswap. Can you guys please post this everywhere. Send it to everyone you know. Please help us.
    My name is Stef and my husband Jorne and I own a home at the end of Meadow Creek road in Celista BC. The fire department and forestry lit a back burn around 4pm on Thursday Aug 17th knowing there were 30km winds coming. No news outlet is talking out this. My husband has been monitoring the winds and the Adams creek fire for weeks. On Tuesday Aug 15th we knew the winds were coming. The fire was approx 15km away from us. We don’t know who decided to light a back burn knowing the wind forecast. They lit a 14km back burn right to our back door and never notified us. My dad who lives in Kelowna knew about a “out of control back burn” before we did. They didn’t even come to tell us. They notified the locals by posting it on a piece of paper at the gas station.
    At 845pm we saw the fire just over the ridge. And by 12pm it had reached meadow creek road and was in back yard. Without the back burn we could have had a whole day to prepare. We did have sprinklers up, water tanks loaded and generators ready to go. We knew we were pretty much on our own and would not receive much help. The fire department did come down the road and were there briefly. Once they deemed the fire out of control they left. When the fire came into the valley we watched it burn up the sides of the mountain due to the humidity dome created with all the sprinkler and water. The fire department abandoned us. About 2 hours had passed when some locals came down our valley with resources and help. I was notified the fire department was sitting in a field having coffee so I went t to get them. When I got there I asked them to come help us, told them the situation. One of the firemen told me they wanted to help but had orders to sit. I yelled at them to get in their trucks and come help us. They said they would. I went back down the road to notify our crew they were coming. I sat and waited but no one came. About 15 minutes had gone by so I went back up the road and found them sitting about 1km away. They told me they were assessing the situation. I asked how they could assess if they couldn’t see it? I again asked them to come help and they finally did. Everyone ran around putting hot spots out. We wore water packs and half masks with headlamps for the next 3 days making sure our houses made it through.
    In the initial days after the “superfire” the locals were able to get water, gas and supplies but now there is a heavy police presence. They have the roads blocked off saying they are preventing looting. The locals are being told to return to their homes. They are not allowed to be helping at all. There are spike strips on the roads. Police blocks everywhere. There are people trying to get essential supplies in such as water, gas and food by boat. They are being turned away. Police are patrolling the roads and water. They have the gas stations blocked off.
    We need the real story to get out so we can get help.
    We are more than equipped to help put this fire out but are being stopped. We need resources such as gas, diesel to keep us going. They’re trying to starve us out so they can let it burn.
    My number is 250-509-0400 Please feel free to post my number. I’m willing to talk to anyone who can help us.

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    Given what we know about Jew Lies and that we have an entire month dedicated to jew lies (July) why would anyone trust anything written at any time but the liars.. I am talking about the jew written bible here .. anything written by jews at anytime is suspect.
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