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Sodium Chlorite Solutions

website is based on (but not dedicated to) the work of Jim Humble.

Jim Humble made the discovery late 1990’s that Sodium Chlorite, activated with stomach acid creates Chlorine Dioxide, mother nature’s most powerful antimicrobial which removes mold, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, virus and is (therefore) capable of reversing the symptoms known as disease including Malaria, Ebola, MRSA, staph, Cancer, HIV, AIDs, Hep ABC, HSV, HSV2, Diabetes, Autism, Lyme and most all other disease. (See  Malady list inside Forum.) Sodium Chlorite Solution can not harm body systems or tissues. SCS is NOT a drug, it is a Salt activated by stomach acid, becoming an Oxidative therapy.

As ClO2 is an oxidative therapy (like Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone) using antioxidants is counterproductive. AntiOxidants “strengthen” cells however this strengthens both healthy and diseased cells.  SC/ClO2  with a Voltage potential of .95V (our body 1.25V, HP 1.78V, O3 2.02V) can not harm body tissue however both HP and O3 can harm tissue and disrupt intestinal flora as their Voltages are above Body Voltage of ~1.25V. SC/ClO2 does not disrupt flora and ONLY kills off (oxidizes) issues below 7PH, below .95V leaving all benevolent flora intact.

One main reason SC/ClO2 therapy fails is due to antioxidant use and saturation of antioxidants including coffee, coconut water and more..

This website was founded at a time when many left G2 and Jim Humbles side over disputes of the strength of different variations of SC formulation early 2014.

There are 3 main types of ClO2 formulation.

     1) MMS/SCS Mix SC with an acid and ingest w/water.

Jim Humble's original formula, 1 drop SC + 1 drop acid = 1 drop dose.

Jim currently recommends 24 drops daily for 21 days. 3 drop dose per hour 8 times  a day.


  2) CDS Mix SC with an acid in a seperate closed container WITH water.  ClO2 bonds to water and is used for douche, enema, skin and other sensitive areas. This formula while taught by Jim Humble and G2C as equal to version 1, is actually only 2/3 as powerful dose for dose compared with original procedure above (1)


     3) CDH Mix SC with an acid IN water in closed container overnight. This formula was created to exacting specifics (1 ml of CDH = 1 drop dose of SC/MMS) by CDH developers however when Jim Humble was walkabout in Africa early 2014 he concluded that 1 ml of CDH was now equal to a 3 drop dose of #1 formula which is incorrect.

 After months of infighting, dismissal and banning, It is now agreed that CDH is equal to formula 1 above.

1 ml of CDH is equal to 1 drop dose of SC/MMS.

Why is this formulation so important? Too much ClO2 may cause nausea and too little does not remedy disease. When formulation is incorrect, people may not heal. Some die. Others may think SC therapy is a hoax.

When Jim, developers and friends could not reach agreement, many left Jim Humble and G2C in Spring 2014. This website was one of the offshoots of that discussion and disagreement.  SCS is not JUST about Sodium Chlorite Solutions. SCS is about ALL the wrongs that need healing here on Earth including Banking, Government, Religion, Relationships, Alternative Health, Alternative Views in a friendly and helpful manner. We are not here to prove ANYTHING, only to offer what we have learned or think is benevolent to viewers. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. This site is to help (not hinder) peoples evolution towards the new paradigm ahead.

If you would like your own section/forum to share your views or help your circle of loved ones, family, associates, pets, ASK and a portion of this site may be cordoned off for you and your work.


 ASK a question about SCS


Disclaimer: The aim of this web site is to provide information on using natural healing methods in the treatment of illness and health improvement. The author cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease, or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.