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Jesus, 24 Chromosomes

Melissa, at first, was NOT interested in this information when we worked together 2018/19 and it was difficult to get her, a Christian, to LOOK at what I was offering. I wanted a Christian opinion on the scientific evidence, what Christians thought.. well they thought nothing cause they are not interested in facts or evidence as they “believe”. Anyway she finally heard me on try 4, using words from her Bible, “In end times that which has been hidden will be revealed”. I am the friend mentioned.

In those days FFN, our combined worksite, a video would get 2-5K views. 10K was the goal rarely if ever reached but when this vid posted 500,000 views in a short period of time.

Comms went quiet for a while as Mellissa began digging on the topic she didn’t want to know about.. was her biggest viewed vid..maybe to this day IDK as we parted ways in early 2020 when she didn’t want to know more..

I’m not of any Religious affiliation, have spent five decades examining the evidence for/against the narrative we are taught.

It was Ron Wyatts work that convinced me Jesus, the Christ, did live but my assessment is different than most regarding who Jesus was, who created him, and why.

I learned about Wyatt thru ORMUS which Moses was given as well at time of ten commandments. ORMUS, manna.. I have some, seen it do what we call miracles.

From several different ideas I have deduced my own position.

  1. Holographic Universe though I disagree w/his conclusion and am perplexed how he might reach that conclusion given the material he presents
  2. Lost Book of Enki, and other related Sumerian type materials, book goes into detail of GMO written 6500 years ago
  3. Michael Newtons Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, from a psychologist point of view who led field of hypnotic regression therapy 50 years into life beyond and before whatever this platform/life is

I deduced this image below.

Now, IMO, Jesus lived, just not the way we are taught to believe.

for me the important question is “what is consciousness’ and I don’t think any of us have an answer for that however having worked on computers 25 years I see how coding is in play..from micro/macro and can easily be applied to genetics.

for me “God” was the ones who GMO’d us into being 250K ago. Now they believe in a superior being/God but IDK what that is..and I’m not one that believes any of us limited IQ, limited life, limited perception beings has any idea what God is, says, wants, doesn’t want.

I’m not one who relies on Faith.. but I’m also generally one who won’t denigrate one who does..we are all different..and I’m interested in opinions of others generally ..

so the bottom line for me is frequency
lets use water as example
3 states we know of
ice/solid. liquid/water, gas/steam
all 3 forms contain H2O yet have different properties

The Maya believed things similar to what Michael Newton offers regarding the developments of consciousness/life as we know it thru several levels of being, carbon/silicone/celestial/galactic.
If so we are almost at the very beginning of life/knowledge/consciousness.

for me consciousness field is where we work from in these coded construct bodies.. but what that is is still an unknown for me.

I wish to add that this has been a life long study, 50 years of contemplation. I was the kid in school who tested in the 2nd highest percentile AND asked difficult questions when thing just don’t fit w/what feels right to me.
A few times I instantly knew something was amiss
Hillary once I heard she had a server I knew she selling secrets
JFK, killed by CIA/Mossad
my intuitive nature compels me to challenge status quo narratives.. and the Bible is one
Last night I watched a Rabbi quote from Torah, Deuteronomy. The same source materials Christians refer to. But the two translations are very different evidence that whoever translated the versions did so w/agenda.
As it appears Jesuit/jews wrote much of the Bible (which btw, some is plagiarized from much earlier source materials; Genesis an example and a very simplified version of a much larger text on what our origins are), and that Romans/Constantine and Mother edited the canonized texts in 320AD, and that Brits did same in King James Version.. that I was never able to put any Faith in the book period.

So for me, Jesus isn’t the travel agent to Heaven. He was/is the example of how we all might live better lives.

The Jesus Mary story didn’t make sense to me till I read the Genetic Modifications done to bring about our species. And then it all made sense except for I didn’t then see any evidence they had returned in Jesus time. I have since had information that suggests they did return and Genetically Modified an egg implanted to Mary…that she was the Virgin.. that Joe did not have relations with.. as the story is told.

Yes, I know, my position is not well liked.. but I have done my due diligence to the topic and made my report based on 50 years of contemplation. I am aware, that to my knowledge, no one else is claiming Jesus was a GMO implant to Mary yet we do similar ourselves today.

IMO Jesus was sent to help us find our way better.. but there are other forces who wish an end to us GMO beings.
It is my opinion that that was a program embed to a specific race by a specific being at our creator level, not all of Creation level. We humans GMO animals plants etc..its not new..and a careful look at chromosome two tells us we were made in a lab as fused chromos do not appear in nature.

possibly the greatest conspiracy theory few are aware of is that Enlil embed a code into the nose tribe to take down Enki’s project, us.
And in some respects I agree w/Enlil, we are horrible creatures bent on destruction of all that is good generally speaking.

Earth was a young Eden when Enlil Enki and crew created us to mine gold, tend fields and chores..and we were to be decommissioned once the project completed.. but as we are similar Genetically to our creators we are kind a the bastard step children of another Race…we have been challenged to meet the expectations or perish.

The issue as I see it is that we were genetically modified from a young developing animal species natural to earth and also w/ancient DNA from another world. This duality within us all is always at struggle and all too often the animalistic side of our being emerges w/dire consequence for all the other species on E(arth) Den.

As we are destroying habitat of this once thriving eco system there is good argument we must be eliminated enmass. We are a threat to every living thing on this young Eden.

And if we ever get off this rock, a threat to any elsewhere in our current frame of mind.



Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, says Biden’s claim that the bombing of the Gaza #BaptistHospital was from a misfired Palestinian rocket is ridiculous and absurd.




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