The exec orders re Martial Law, some say arrests began in January, are in GITMO etc…as I read the exec orders, it suggests Judges may recommend Military Tribunals where deemed appropriate.

Executive Order re Martial Law, Military Tribunals

the GITMO info/narrative may not be as real as some wish.
important GITMO info 

Sealed Indictment list, real? You decide. 

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9. SB2 decode on Prison Barges heading to GITMO 👇🏼👇🏼

ole SB2 on barges GITMO which has been proven false. If SB2 is a proponent of the barges this further evidence SB2 is a plant IMO.

this ties in w/livid issue/episode as Will Merthon shows that the # she provides re sealed “indictments” is not accurate

A year ago this was brought to my attention to which I dismissed it then….

Recently I looked at this 2nd article on ‘indictments’ and found it valid… I understand the topic better this year than last

AvonSalez is now Livid2.0

Anons  get things wrong…

GITMO Barges is one of them