Just finished with tonight’s injections.
Inspecting the mass, it was easy to see how much it’s separating from the connective tissue. The mass is also breaking up in the center. In the upper front of the mass, it’s clearly breaking apart.
As I did last night, I separated the two solutions, in the posteroanterior I used the activated solution that was prepared with 13 drops of both SC and HCI in 100mL of NSS water IV. I was able to get 4.5.
In the front I used the SC solution. I prepared 15 drops of SC in 100mL of NSS IV. I was able to inject 5cc into the anteroposterior of the tumor.

Again, I am using both solutions now, the activated and non-activated versions.
Solution One:
13 drops of both sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid
One 100mL NSS IV water [Saline]
Let stand 12 hours and refrigerated
Solution Two:
15 drops of sodium chlorite
One 100mL NSS IV water [saline]
I am using the full strength of the solution in the injections.
I am sending the video of the injections, or part of them. You can notice that it’s easy for the solution to come out in different areas of the mass now.

Again, excellent photos and the two videos are informative for others who may need/want to do the injections. 
The activated solution is what we call CDH in that you combine sodium chlorite solution (SCS) with HCL into a saline solution. Is the SCS 25% SC in liquid form or was it made from SC flakes/powder? The HCL is 4%? Have you measured the CLO2 concentration (ppm)?


March 12th

March 10th

Tonight, we again decided to wait until tomorrow for more injections. What I found tonight was amazing, it’s moved [I guess I should use US measurements or would you prefer metric?] about 2 inches from the connective tissues and the tumor is breaking apart in different areas. I can put my finger inside the tumor in places as well, over an inch and a half. There is some more bleeding where the tumor is breaking apart.

In the vagina, the tumor is breaking up as well. I can say that both the vagina and vulva are both seemingly separating from the mass now. I will send photos from tonight that show exactly what I am trying to explain. One of the tumors from the vagina has already moved totally outside now. This was inside before now. I can easily feel the deeper mass without any effort. I do know what these were like from the beginning.

It is exciting to see the progress we are making now. I believe that if we continued to just work with ingestion and not injection as well, we’d be at least months behind what I see currently.

We might be inserting a catheter tomorrow because it’s hard for her to urinate when you have the bentonite clay on without disrupting it. In the past, I didn’t use the bentonite the same day I used injections. I believe that it will help with the process now.

It looks really good now, tonight the tumor is separating from the connective tissues. It’s amazing!

You would really wish to see this in person. I can feel the difference so much from even last night. The edges are becoming more defined and easy to move.

I am really excited to see the results so far. If it continues to go in this direction, I believe it will come off, not shrink.

We gave her a break tonight and just used the Bentonite with Colloidal Silver and the CDS in it. We normally use the bentonite since we have great success in riding smaller moles and even melanoma patches.

I am really happy with what I see with the injections with this major case of melanoma.