March 13th

I am using both solutions now, the activated and non-activated versions.
Solution One:
13 drops of both sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid
One 100mL NSS IV water [Saline]
Let stand 12 hours and refrigerated
Solution Two:
15 drops of sodium chlorite
One 100mL NSS IV water [saline]
I am using the full strength of the solution in the injections.

Tonight I used both solutions, in the posteroanterior I used the activated solution that was prepared with 13 drops of both SC and HCI in 100mL of NSS water IV. I was able to get 2.5cc into a new area.
In the front I used the SC solution. I prepared 15 drops of SC in 100mL of NSS IV. I was able to inject 4.5cc into the anteroposterior of the tumor without much disconfort.
I asked which burned more, the activated solution or the non-activated solution, she didn’t hesitate to say that the non-activated burned much less.
The edges are surely separating from the tumor. I can see new skin where it was once tumor. The black is dissipating quicker as well.