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CLO2, (Chlorine Dioxide) Mother Nature’s most powerful anti microbial which can and is used for health, healing and well being has been suppressed CURE for most illness including Cancer for 90 years.

Dr Youngs very good article on CLO2


This man here was sent home to die.

 He recovered using ALBENDAZOL and NaCLO2 aka MMS. Chlorine Dioxide is an FDA approved Water Purification Mineral used in Health Spas, Municipal Water systems and meat production for preventing bacteria growth. CLO2 was used in 911 for Anthrax,  by US Military for Ebola,  Red Cross for Malaria, Patented for HIV and ALS. CLO2 is a suppressed CURE for most illness

an Intro to what MMS/SCS/CD/CLO2 can do has been deleted by youtube, will look for another..

UPDATED April 7/2019

To start the Protocols is 1 drop in water 1st day, add a drop or 2 per day till up to about 20 drops. No coffee, orange juice, coconut water, Vitamin C or high potency anti oxidants as this will neutralize the oxidative power and action of CLO2.

Add drops to water 15-20 minutes before meals and bed, never after a meal or w/Vitamin C products, coffee, coconut water etc Never allow the drops or water to contact metal.

alternatively one can add the total number of drops in a day to bottled water and drink thru day, away from meals coffee etc.

Once thru starting procedure and up to 15-20 drops per day see table below for weight/drops ratio.

A general guide is 3-5 drops in 2-3 oz / 60-90mls water pre meal and bedtime. adjust as needed.


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weight tables
Find weight in lbs yellow Kg red
Green indicates the number of drops in a day once at the full protocol level after building up over 7-10 days to this number.
Blue is the number of drops per dose. An example 10 drops in 5 oz / 150 mls water
20 mins before meals and bed
Once at that level hold for days/weeks/months depending on issue.

Put drops in water 15-20 minutes before meals and bed, empty stomach, no antioxidants, coffee, coconut water, orange juice, Vit C or other supplements that will diminish CLO2’s OXIDATIVE power. Oxygen is what OXIDIZES pathogens and poisons from body.

Drops will activate in stomach and move to blood while you prepare a meal. Once in blood CLO2 oxidizes pathogens heavy metals herb/pesticides into waste tracks and are flushed from body during normal body functions.

For oral dosing do not use HCl or any acid. Let the acid of stomach and illness activate NaCLO2 to CLO2 on its own. This requires less mineral less time no mixing fussing, just add drops to water and drink.


Other protocols for external topical use maxi 20-25 drops NaCLO2 w/ equal amounts of either 50% citric acid or 4% HCl. Wait a minute and then add equial amounts water and equal parts DMSO. DMOS will carry CLO2 into body thru skin and bone. Is used for breast and other Cancer/s, apply to area in need as well for arthritis and to lower back and base neck for HSV and other viral infections.

Bath protocol, mix 30ish drops of NaCLO2 and acid of choice either Citric 50% or HCl 4% wait a minute and add to tub. SOak 20-40 mins add warm as needed.

Can be used in foot bath for those hard crusty feet that are a sign the body is pushing toxins to extremities, (head/feet)

another sign a body is contaminated with toxins is Obesity. Body protects itself by covering toxins w/fat cells which in turn causes people eating poison food water air to “bloom” in size.

One would use oral bath and topical dressings to achieve better health. Women can douche using a mix of NaCLO2 and HCl in water and held for 15-20 if possible. This access thru Vagina allows CLO2 to get to blood stream faster and w/o going thru digestive track.

Enema is another route using activated Sodium Chlorite and HCl in water to clean colon and assist cleansing of pathogens/toxins from body.

Do not breath the mixed fumes directly. Never sniff the solution once mixed as this will burn nasal and lung if taken in in this strength.

When Oral dosing one will often feel a sharper sense of being, lungs begin to clear in 15 minutes.

Anyone who can add 3-x drops in water and drink can clarify blood and tissue so body can heal of almost every disease, pathogen based illness known. Animals also same. See wight table below for measurements and NEVER allow this solution to contact metals of any type.

Its really that simple, CLO2 clears that below 7PH quickly and easily removing the acidic environment so the alkaline we are can flourish and heal.


One may begin to feel better almost immediately and achieve a complete recovery of most illness over days weeks months depending on the severity and type of condition.

We like people to start slow w/1 drop to a few drops a day and work up to the # determined by body weight from table below.

If one feels worse from taking more, stop for the day and then next day do 30% less and hold that pattern for 7-10 days and re challenge the threshold.

1 drop of SCLO2 clarifies 1 gallon of water, water weighs 10 lbs per gallon.
A simple method if one has the chloriTe salt is to measure 28 grams 80% NaCLO2 into 72 grams warm clean water, dissolve, bottle. No metal contact.

Jim tends to over complicate matters, we strive for SIMPLE solutions. SCS can be bought already in water ready to drop into water.

Very little is required.

If one feels worse after reaching X drops per day, back down 30%

Health and Well Being has never been easier.

Cancer CLO2 injections