CLO2, (Chlorine Dioxide) Mother Nature’s most powerful anti microbial which can and is used for health, healing and well being has been suppressed CURE for most illness including Cancer for 90 years.


This man here was sent home to die.

 He recovered using ALBENDAZOL and NaCLO2 aka MMS. Chlorine Dioxide is an FDA approved Water Purification Mineral used in Health Spas, Municipal Water systems and meat production for preventing bacteria growth. CLO2 was used in 911 for Anthrax,  by US Military for Ebola,  Red Cross for Malaria, Patented for HIV and ALS. CLO2 is a suppressed CURE for most illness

an Intro to what MMS/SCS/CD/CLO2 can do has been deleted by youtube, will look for another..

Cancer CLO2 injections