Manookian explains the why of

the banks are bankrupt, can not pay for the things you invested in ie retirement plans so their plan is to kill us off rather than pay what they owe us for our entire lives contribution.

what a real POTUS sounds like

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HOLODOMOR, Harvest of Despair. Millions starved over winter 32 33 on purpose Jews against Christians


This video w/ 450K views on Ron Wyatt discoverer of Jesus blood, Ark Covenant, Noahs Ark, Sodom Gomorrah, Moses Camp and much more.

one might consider that much of the last 5,000+ years History is a deception. FakeNEWS is older than 2K years yet many fail to look beyond 2,000 years a mere 1% of ALL Human Time on Earth where 100s of 1000s of years History/records are ignored in favor of the deception indoctrination of the past 1700 years. Don Shorn gives us a glimpse in to what is hidden and why.