2704ET water pump

I purchased a pair of water pumps for my Ford Sabre Marine 2704ET engines with correct 2 O’clock orientation for about $200 each with shipping, taxes and gas fee.

Once both were painted I noticed a blocked charge hole and therefore didn’t install this pump notifying customer service at JSK the pump was defective.

the first flaw seen, the charge hole is incorrect size shape and is blocked.

the impeller fins should be covered by impeller cone and not visible.

impeller to impeller cone spec as per Ford Manual .030″

JSK pump was set at .100″+as measured w/correct angled feeler gauge.

JSK indicated they would refund me for this pump so we had it taken apart to better show what was at issue, and found more issues.

The impeller depth is incorrect, the cone is incorrectly sized and damaged, the hub casting is poor, offset and undersize.

not only is the one side too narrow the other side is short

Hub compared to original was short on one side and narrow on the other.

Hub is short backside, narrow .030″ front side. This causes the pulley to incorrectly locate/center causing belt wear and bearing damage.

the casting is missing material inside the shaft mating hole and is not drilled on center creating imbalance

a small dab of grease smaller than small toe finger nail was wiped across the grease zerk fitting opening. There is no grease inside the shaft bearing assembly.

there is no provision to grease the bearing w/o disassembling the pump. the shaft bearing was installed w/o grease and an opening that could let water dust dirt contamination in and ruin the bearing.

A side by side comparison of castings

The impeller cone is large and broken. Possibly oversize so manufacturer could weld the seal instead of using a proper sealing agent and may have broken in welding process. The impeller cone is too small, the opening too large. The impeller will not be able to create cyclonic circulation due to

A) incorrect spacing between impeller fins and cone

B) too large cone opening, the fins are only half covered. They should be fully covered in order to create cyclonic circulation.

A larger than correct opening prevents the impeller from developing proper cyclonic circulation required to move water thru engine for cooling

The impeller was installed .100+” off the cone and not at .030″ as specified in Ford manual. This gap of .030 is crucial to proper cyclonic action to circulate coolant thru engine.

the casting itself was not cast correctly. The impeller charging hole was either never plugged in the casting process or plug failed in casting process. Regardless it was never cleared before assembly. An impeller requires a charging hole to eliminate air and cavitation as the impeller works in  cone to create cyclonic circulating action.